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    Gen2 Live Valve Full Stiffness Cause?

    It’s the same, about 50K. If you keep your old shocks you can have a set to ride on while you have them in for a rebuild. That’s my plan as of now….
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    Gen2 Live Valve Full Stiffness Cause?

    It’s the shocks needing to be rebuilt. Stiff ride is the first thing you notice after about 40k or so. Spent a good amount of time talking to Fox about this. As the seals wear and the oil breaks down ( Fox told me the oil emulsifies as wear occurs). This can also cause the solenoids to buzz as...
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    2021 Roush/Alcon Brake Kit Install Experience on 2020 gen 2

    Finally got my Alcons installed. My Raptor is a 2020 so I installed the electronic brake kit from Alcon which is upgraded rotors and pads that reuse factory rear calipers. I also had crown stainless lines including on the rear axle (six brake lines in total). Once the pads were bedded, these...
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    Strange issues with Raptor R

    Bad gateway module can do this exact thing.
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    shell T6 0-40

    Eric, I’m really sorry, but I still don’t think you understand SAE viscosity ratings or how VIs are used. The multigrade weight is not indicative of how much or how little is used. 5W-30 does not act like an SAE 5 when cold and but it is a SAE 30 at 212F. Its two completely different tests...
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    shell T6 0-40

    This is not totally true. Lower quality synthetics use tons of VI to get to the Target viscosity. The more VI used, the more it will thin out of original spec through driving cycles between oil changes no matter the brand. mPAO has a better Viscocity Index (vs POA base oil) and maintains its...
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    Interesting " state of the raptor"!

    There has been no “SVT” since 2015…
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    Fox Race Series overstock at Hammer Performance!

    please PM me price for 2020 live valve set
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    Price for 2020 live valves?

    Price for 2020 live valves?
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    Oil Separator Catch Can

    You may want to switch to a good synthetic, that crud is not great. That battery you have sure is!
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    Oil Separator Catch Can

    What oil are you using? Semisynthetic?
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    Wilwood Aero 6 Brake Kit at Hammer Performance

    Can I get the price as well? Do these fit under factory 2020 Beadlocks?
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    Best Raptor R (5.2 V8) Oil and Oil Filter

    Stop calling me Richard! Lol This oil does not meet those specs. It was Blended to work great in Coyote engines. This oil even has a mill spec additive to keep engine internals pristine during storage. Call them and ask them about running this in a street driven vehicle.
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    Best Raptor R (5.2 V8) Oil and Oil Filter

    I’m not trying to be a Richard, but the words “street-performance” are in the link. I thing the name of the company “Driven Racing Oil” may have confused you. Take Care.
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    Best Raptor R (5.2 V8) Oil and Oil Filter

    This is 100% a street oil. This is not a racing oil. API or SN is a standard. The Ford spec WHC for 5W-50 was for low zinc content. You are correct “kinda” about racing oils though. You should never run them as a street oil. The additive packages are not designed to last for multiple heat...
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    Best Raptor R (5.2 V8) Oil and Oil Filter

    I would recommend driven FR50 for any Coyote engine (Predator as well). The base oil is mPAO vs PAO. This means it maintains Viscosity (VI) over the hundreds of heat cycles/duty cycle. The VI of Driven is due to the base oil and not by adding tons of viscosity improvers that all other 5w-50s...
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    GEN 2 Ford GT oil in a Raptor

    FYI, Roush says this is a mistake. If you call them, they will tell you to use 5W30…
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    SVT vehicle maintenance loaner vehicle

    SVT has been gone for a long time. I think the OP’s complaint is at best, a cheap shot. This complaint is nonsensical. Ford will not care and shouldn’t. It also shows a complete understanding of how businesses run and change over time. Boo to you.
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    Hey, make me an offer and pay the shipping. Shipping from 94586.

    Hey, make me an offer and pay the shipping. Shipping from 94586.
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    Radium dual catch can?

    I have a dual set up that is not of use to me anymore if anyone is interested:
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    GEN 2 Long term FMIC owners?

    Believe it or not, this is not a real problem ( stacking coolers in away that have them in the same air path through the grille). As crazy as it sounds, 140f air can and will cool the 210F radiator behind it. Remember, “optimal” temp for oil and water is the key, not cold. Better intercooler...
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    Catch-can bone dry.

    The type of oil can also have an effect on how much vapor is created (that turns back to liquid in the can).