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    Over 30 days and still not shipped is this normal?

    My 23 R has a build date of Nov 28th which would put it late December delivery. It does suck to get a 22 possibly only 30 to 45 days prior to a 23.
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    Is the F150 Raptor R Worth $110K

    Are you sure the heated steering wheel is removed? I never removed that option from mine and it's scheduled for 28th of Nov
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    Any Raptor R allocations ?

    So I just got my R scheduled for Nov 28th production. Since they do not offer D plan I'm certain it's gonna be a sh*t show when it comes in and I purchase it for MSRP
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    Purchasing at MSRP?

    Everyone complaining a dealer sells above MSRP is the same person bragging that the dealer gave them 10K over what a trade was worth or 10K over when they sold it to someone else. Double standards are hilarious
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    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    D Plan Looked at order bank last night and it's priority "1"
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    What do you guys think?

    That is so overpriced its ridiculous. If someone pays that asking price they hopefully know going into it that they are buried in it forever
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    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    That is not close to accurate, I also know this FIRST hand. Trucks are still just as in high demand as they were 6 months ago. Maybe even higher. The media wants you to believe Sales are dropping but really its the production that has dropped. Hard to sell something if you do not have anything...
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    Another Shady Dealer

    The online "build your own price" is nothing more then a tool for someone to sit at home and spec out their dream truck and then pass those specs on to the dealer to place your retail order. Only way pricing stays the same is registering for "price protection" and the dealer does that on certain...
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    How to sell ordered truck to a friend

    So you take up 3 allocation spots and wonder why dealers mark vehicles up. Regardless if you made a profit or not it goes beyond that for a dealer. Trust me I know FIRST HAND!!! Take a poll on here and my guess is majority think your move was pretty selfish!!
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    Another Shady Dealer

    The dealership DID in fact incur the new pricing. Dealers are charged the "price level" for when the truck is invoiced. So if you ordered it at price level 215 and when it was finally invoiced at level 235 then that price increase is accurate and something you have to pay. Only way that is not...
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    Local Dealer (MH) Markup raptor r and raptor 37 insane Experience

    Many of you have no clue how allocation works. When that dealer told the customer that he had allocation for 2 Rs he was probably being truthful. Dealers already know how many they are getting in "wave 1" 99 percent of the dealers will get 1 in wave 1. However the small dealerships will not get...