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    Its hard to tell from the pictures. How much poke are you getting with that offset? I spend a lot of time on gravel roads and I don't want to toss rocks up the side of the truck. Also, what did you use for a center cap on them?
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    SPV Review!! Squadron Sport Behind Grill and Triple Rigid Radiance Fog Lights

    Dang that looks awesome! Any pics of the light pattern? I have been trying to convince myself to get the behind the grille kit for a while now.
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    Goosetuned - Stage 2 - 93oct w/ TCM Tune - Raptor 37

    What kind of mileage are you seeing? While I love to use mine for fun, I also put a fair amount of highway miles on it.
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    Now you can customize your Baja Behind the Grille Light Kits.. With our Harness System.. Check it out!...

    I am considering this option. Do you feel like you lose much light since they are behind the grille? Why did you choose to go amber and white instead of just white? I am new to all of this so thanks in advance for the help!
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    Favorite phone setting

    It won't let me select the phone settings button on any of the phones. Its greyed out. Is there something else I need to enable?
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    Favorite phone setting

    I have searched all over and I cannot find an answer, so I am hoping someone here can help. I have 3 drivers in my house and we all use Carplay. There used to be a setting in my older F-150 that you could select the favorite or priority phone so that the correct one connects when you start up...
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    SOLD - 2022 Stock running boards

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    SOLD - 2022 Stock running boards

    My wife is short so I have replaced these with AMP running boards. I have no idea how I could ship these monsters so local pickup only. Please reach out with any questions. The truck had less than 100 miles on it when these were swapped out. $400.
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    Console Vault Thoughts?

    That link was broken for me. Was it this one? Any pics of the install?
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    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    On the application list it doesn't show the Gen 3. I assume it still works or is there a different P/N?
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    Pistol mount...

    OMG that last line kills me! I had such a satisfying visual of my own children... :rofl:
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    Pistol mount...

    Which one are you using?
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    New Raptor Owner!

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    Sorry I didn't really want to post my location in the forum. I have the stock running boards in...

    Sorry I didn't really want to post my location in the forum. I have the stock running boards in SE Idaho. Where is your buddy located?
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    Gen 3 Power Steps

    I went with the regular amp steps and they work great. With the OBD-II adapter, they are a piece of cake to install as well. Now I just need to get rid of the stock running boards I have laying around....
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    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    Do you struggle with yours through a car wash? I have one on my MY22 and it lifted up during the car wash and the whole bed was soaked. I'm just worried it could happen in other settings as well.
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    1.5” RPG Collars

    Dang that looks nice. I think you just sold me on the RPG collars. Any difference in ride or wander?
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    ADD Phantom Bumpers - Sleek & smooth!

    Man that looks so nice! I really wish my truck had delivered when that sale was on. I just couldn't put more parts in the garage for a truck I didn't have. Ha!
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    First time buyer: Bedrug/mats + retractable cover

    I have had several bed cover options and my favorite are the roll up hard types like Bak makes. I went with the BAK 4s Revolver this time. So far I am not happy with it. When you go through the car wash, it lifts the sides up and water gets everywhere inside the bed. I haven't had much leaking...
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    First time buyer: Bedrug/mats + retractable cover

    I have a Bedrug kit over the top of the spray in liner in mine. I would never do one over just a painted bed because I have made that mistake before. I work in ag so I get lots of dirt under the mat and as the mat moves around it uses the dirt like sandpaper and ruins the painted bed. I have not...
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    EXO Baja Tours (Expedition X Offroad)

    I have too much booked this year, but its going on the calendar for next year. Thank you!
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    EXO Baja Tours (Expedition X Offroad)

    Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!
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    2023 Raptor "leveling kit"

    I cannot believe they don't do wheel well liners for a truck designed to run offroad. I put the Husky liners on mine right away. Lots of gravel roads around me and I don't want to destroy my new rig.