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  1. Macdaddy

    I have 60k miles on my 2020

    Looks like you and I are pretty similar in everything. I have a ‘20 put new tires on at 53,000 and they said I could still get another 5-8k miles on them but winter is arriving here in MN so put new ones on anyway. Then went on a 5k mile road trip with my son and decided on the 60k mile...
  2. Macdaddy

    Wiggle? or shake?

    This can’t be related to mileage, my ‘20 has done this from the first mile I put on it. There is a specific spot on the hwy I use lot and every time the rear end jumps gets wompy for a sec or so but smooths right out. Front end steady as a rock but rear end acts like it’s out of control , but...
  3. Macdaddy

    Previous owner smoke smell

    It’ll never be gone. Once you’ve run the ozone machine and all other attempt's you’ll think you got it, but then one day in the hot sun windows up you’ll open door and it’ll hit ya.
  4. Macdaddy

    If you had to do it again (RIP Raptor)…

    I’ve got a ‘20 and I think all the bugs were worked for the final year production of Gen 2. Purchased September of ‘20 and have 45k miles. It’s all stock. Except for IWE fix at 12 miles I’ve got a great running truck.
  5. Macdaddy

    2023 Raptor - Bad Gateway Module

    I’ve once had a mechanical issue right after purchase and the ford dealer paid for 2 months of car payments while they worked on it a few times. Was only out of my posession for maybe 2 weeks total but overlapped 2 months. So some dealerships are helpful, just ask “politely” if they will make ur...
  6. Macdaddy

    TPMS issues

    That’s sounds exactly like my problem only not from day 1. Mine worked great for 2 yrs and 2 months
  7. Macdaddy

    TPMS issues

    I was hoping you would see this, figured you’d have best thoughts of any. As you can see I posted that no after market of any kind and no charging cables. Ford service replaced the bcm and all the sensors twice (thought they had a bad batch). Now after driving about 30 min I lose only 1 sensor...
  8. Macdaddy

    TPMS issues

    No, truck is stock as the day I bought it. Original tires. I don’t charge my phone in the truck, I bring it with me already charged.
  9. Macdaddy

    TPMS issues

    Wondering if anyone has had issues with the tire pressure monitoring system? I have a 2020 with 38k miles and the tpms keeps faulting. It’s been into ford 4 times now, they changed everything they said. From the brains of the unit to each sensor and every time I pick it up a day or two later the...
  10. Macdaddy

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Nice! Your really gonna stand out from the crowd, we were just there (Oahu and kauai) and it seems for every 1000 toyota trucks or jeeps I saw, there‘s 1 Raptor. Parking it honolulu must be hard. Lucky guy, living in HI and driving a Raptor, ur living the dream.
  11. Macdaddy

    Insurance: What the Fr*ck!

    Why is nobody mentioning American Family? They are way less than gieco, Allstate, farmers here in the twin cities MN. I’m $1157 annually ($250 deductible). I’ve had other quotes every couple of yrs just to make sure what I’m paying is a good price, but even if they went up I think I’d keep them...
  12. Macdaddy

    Question on power release tailgate warranty fix?

    If those years already have the corrected harness why am I getting letters from ford about the recall fix, their records would show I’m a late model 2020?
  13. Macdaddy

    My 2023 37 is here but…

    I wonder why everybody with heated steering wheels have different experiences? You would think they would all work the same, purchased mine Oct of ‘20 and love having it. Stays hot until I don’t need it and turn it off. I‘m a contractor here in MN and after moving tools around in my trailer or...
  14. Macdaddy

    2012 Border Patrol rig

    What does that mean “the roads are salty” as a reason for a mechanic to not test drive it. What about a customer wanting to test drive it? Will he not allow that either? If he plans on selling it whats he worried about if road salt gets on it, its not like its going to start rusting right in...
  15. Macdaddy

    Airbags and load carrying

    Evidently 5000lbs is there load capacity. I’ll never have that much sitting on hitch or bed but it levels the bed out when hauling my 12’x6’ work trailer nicely.
  16. Macdaddy

    Airbags and load carrying

    I had air bags installed, rated to 5000lb. Don’t keep them empty though. Have to keep about 10lbs pressure when not using. I think they’re great. It seems to have even softened the ride a bit for me (‘20) when driving around town empty bed imo totally worth it
  17. Macdaddy

    Being offered a 22 with no Moonroof---Normal?

    No they are not, Ive never had a problem.
  18. Macdaddy

    Being offered a 22 with no Moonroof---Normal?

    Well, it sounds like you really like a sunroof. I do as well and have always had one in at least one of my vehicles for the last 15 yrs. The one time I didn‘t have it in my truck (wifey had it in hers) I was missing it. I’m in MN where I don’t open for 6 months of the year but the other six...
  19. Macdaddy


    Very nice work, but man you guys must have a lot of free time on ur hands.
  20. Macdaddy

    Fall Colors…Post ‘‘em Up

    Too late to ask for MN (Stillwater) pics, those colors topped out about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I live here in the burbs of the Twin Cities and was working in Stillwater for a couple weeks. It is beautiful but I just commit it to memory and didn’t take pics.
  21. Macdaddy

    22 37 Package Delivered

    Is that Apple Ford in Apple Valley, I recognize the exterior? Cause thats where I bought my ‘20 Raptor and a ’21 Bronco, they are a good group to deal with. Congrat’s
  22. Macdaddy

    Anyone Switch to Full Synthetic Oil?

    I’ve always used full syn for years now. But it’s also an easy choice for me when dealer does free oil changes for the life of my extended warranty. They only charge me an extra $50 to go full synthetic. I will be out of my manufacturer’s warranty 36 month 36k miles at 2 yrs 2 months. So happy...
  23. Macdaddy

    2019 802A

    How did you get rid of it, hopefully not to some poor guy buying his dream truck only to have it black out on him with major electrical issues?
  24. Macdaddy

    Driver leather seat cover misaligned?

    Seriously???!! That bothers you? I can’t imagine wasting time at dealership for that, no offense but you might be OCD.
  25. Macdaddy

    Ford raptor clunk

    Doughnuts to dollars, its IWE’s.