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    GEN 2 Door Latch Clunk

    I have narrowed an annoying clunk sound when going over washboard or fast rebounding type bumps by throwing some electrical tape on the door latch. It still isn’t perfect, wears down with the door opening and closing as well as behaving differently based on outside temp. Has this happened to...
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    BD 10 Inch Grille Lower Light Bar

    I'm looking at buying this as my first lighting addition to see how it performs before I start adding "all the lumens". For those who have this, opinions, any advice/tip and tricks? Would you buy it again?
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    Update worked!!! I was about done with those popups and I'm glad my screen didn't magically get a fist print on it.
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    Same here. Totally irritating.
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    Can you get ambers as DRLs on a 19?

    I'm pretty sure my 19 does what you want, I need to wait until dark to check, but I will tonight.
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    GEN 2 Lighting advice, please…

    I know this is probably old news, but I’m new to the Raptor world. What I’m looking for is some advice between a light bar or fogs. I drive on east coast country backroads, no desert running. I liked the BD Linkable setup, but I assume it’s total overkill. I’ve seen some BD fogs that are...
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    Gen 2 Ingot Silver thread

    Why are you looking to ditch the light bar?
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    Im that guy (Prospective Owner)

    I don't have any real advice other than good luck and I'm sure you'll love it. Post up pics when you get it. Where in NC are you?
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    Nearly lost it.

    Planet Fitness, spin class...latte....:emotions33:
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    Premium gas or ethanol free?

    - Tunes on most FI engines are worth it provided it is a reputable tuner. - Some would argue it makes it 'safer', but there is increased responsibility on the users end (making sure you're running the right parts for that tune, you're using the right gas, etc) - If the tune is directly related...
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    New Guy from NC

    Do you know of any local shops who will play with some settings in Forscan? I just want some easy stuff like DRL settings and horn honks off...
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    New Guy from NC

    It is, I live there too. North of Lillington, South of Fuquay.
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    New Guy from NC

    Just saying hi and checking in. Got a new (to me) 2019 w/ 802A. So far I'm loving this thing, just need to light the fuse with Forscan and see what trouble I get into. :cool: Edit: no Prius.