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  1. Raptor916

    Ticking sound at idling?

    exhaust valve rattle. My 21 does the same thing.
  2. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    My front passenger shock was replaced and the annoying squeak is gone.
  3. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    My truck is at the dealership for the front right shock replacement. Got a call today and they said they ordered the older shock and that there is an updated one. So they said I have to bring it back next month when the new shock will be available. Sounds like someone ordered a 35 shock and...
  4. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I plan on taking it to Ford, but being super busy with work and kids I decided to give it a go and give them a head start when I do take it in lol
  5. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    My front right was the squeaky side. So I decided to use some WD-40(should have used some spray grease, but didn’t have it available). Started with spraying upper control arm bushing and jumping on side step with no luck. Then went the shock shaft and it went away. So far it’s gone, but maybe...
  6. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    So my cousin’s 2023 Raptor 37 has the same layout of the lower spring collar. I would think each side would be symmetrical. I did find the issue of my squeak which I will post in the next post.
  7. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    My cousin has his 23 37 coming in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to get under it.
  8. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    Keep us posted. Just doesn’t make sense why the lower collar wouldn’t be symmetrical on both sides.
  9. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    Daddy Helm, mine is set up like yours as well which seems incorrect. Can we get a few more 37 owners to post pics of their front shocks?
  10. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    As you can see in the pics. The spring retainer collar position is different. My squeak appears to coming from the passenger side. Can the spring retainer collar be turned 180 degrees on the passenger side?
  11. Raptor916

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I have a 21 37 with 12k on it. It has been squeaking from the front a for a little while now. Not sure what side since it’s been raining. Had the dealership do an oil change and mentioned it to them. They notes the sound, but couldn’t figure out from where. I’ll do my own investigation and...
  12. Raptor916

    How many years will the Raptor R be made for?

    Has Ford stated how many years they will be producing the Raptor R?
  13. Raptor916

    2021 going in for 15,000 mile service

    I feel an oil change and tire rotation is all that is needed. Should I request just that or have them do whatever the hell they add to it?
  14. Raptor916

    Ford Premium Care Extended Service Plan

    Just purchased the Premium care, 6 year, 85k, 0 deductible, plus lighting for 1580 from Zeigler. Use the code payinfull for a nice discount. Pretty solid. Any of you purchase the maintenance plans? Thinking about adding one of those as well. Question is, oil changes every 5k or 7500...
  15. Raptor916

    How many being built?

    Making it limited production makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you churn out as many as you can and make more profit vs an XLT.
  16. Raptor916

    Loud Exhaust Rattle - Currently no fix from Ford

    I would probably wait until something definitive is done because I don't trust the techs to be touching my truck twice!
  17. Raptor916

    Raptor Assault - debrief thread

    Thanks for the summary. I will be there on the 13 and 14th. I plan to change my hotel stay as well. Thanks
  18. Raptor916

    Flood Ford goes 175k/10 year

    I was looking to uograde my 21 37 to an R, but just doesn’t make any sense in the price swing and interest rates so the 21 it is. Def would extend the warranty.
  19. Raptor916

    People think I have my (2021, 37) high beams on when I don't

    The auto high beam is not the issue. It happens without it.
  20. Raptor916

    People think I have my (2021, 37) high beams on when I don't

    No one ever flashed me on my 2019 Raptor, but I get it often on 21 37 Raptor when driving against traffic on single lanes. They headlights seem to be in the right position when driving. The truck does sit higher, but I think it's the technology in the headlights keeping it focused causing the...
  21. Raptor916

    Any takers?

    Future Ford is my local dealership and they are complete trash.
  22. Raptor916

    $109,145 Starting Price

    I have a 21 37 package at msrp. No way I will pay an extra 30k for the R even though my 6 year old talks shit to me that a TRX is faster lol
  23. Raptor916

    Finally got my dream 21' in Velocity Blue!

    Congrats. I have a 21 Code Orange 37. Where on NorCal do you live? I am in Roseville.
  24. Raptor916

    Where is the end call button on my 2021 Raptor 37

    How does everyone pick up and end a call? I have to use the large main screen for pick up and ending calls. My Gen 2 had a button on the steering wheel.