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  1. slowyellow

    WTB: OEM gen 2 steering wheel in good condition

    I’ve got one. It’s a good one to replace a worn out one with but does not look absolutely brand new. Probably has 20k miles on it.
  2. slowyellow

    Baja Designs or Rigid lights?

    I’ve got a set of Baja design spot lights, kit number 44-8058. Let me know if you are interested. They are ready to go out.
  3. slowyellow

    Floor Mats for a Gen 2 - 2020 missing mats - help

    I have a set of weather tech mats if you are still looking.
  4. slowyellow

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I’ve got a 2022 37PP and my front passenger side had a really bad squeak. I located it down to the boot on the shock at the top of the body that goes around the shaft. I sprayed a little silicone lubricant on it and it immediately stopped. We’ll see if it comes back. If so then I’m guessing I’ll...
  5. slowyellow

    Aftermarket floor mats

    I have a full set of weather tech mats for a gen 2. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. slowyellow

    Raptor R Transmission quick shifting

    I mean, it probably corners better than an F35 in all reality. Talk about not making sense!
  7. slowyellow

    WTB: Gen 2 Supercrew

    Pm sent
  8. slowyellow

    Driver side heated seat not working Gen 2

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of the participants in this thread. I’ve been thinking that fords heaters just sucked, and then I sat in my passenger seat…. 50 bucks and a couple hours later, I have a heated drivers seat! Thanks again!
  9. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    Just went out and reset the KAM, that was it. Drives like normal now. No stumble with the 3-4 shift. Is there a way to keep it from happening or do I just need to reset the KAM whenever it starts happening? Thank you so much for the guidance, glad it's figured out.
  10. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    Just looked it up. I'll do that soon and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the reply, hopefully that's it. And if it is, is there anyway to keep it from happening again? I'd obviously prefer to just reset that every now and then vice it being something broken.
  11. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    Is that different than just reflashing the TCM tune? I'm an accessport newb, bear with me please.
  12. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    I forget which one, but I think that it's the more aggressive Cobb one. I tried the others and it would still do it. But it was a concern of mine when I got the truck tuned, and Winfield told me to try out the Cobb ones, that they were actually pretty good and to not potentially "waste" money...
  13. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    It's a goosetune, I can reach out to him, but he didn't do anything with the transmission so I'm not sure if he could recommend anything. Do you think it'd be worthwhile to switch tunes, i.e. reflash the TCM and see if it goes away? Seems like a process of eliminations.
  14. slowyellow

    GEN 2 2018 3-4 shift

    I've got an 18' with 70K miles and it's been tuned by goosetuned. COBB TCM tune included. Now it did this before the tune, so I think that is not a part of the problem. And when the TCM was flashed, it went away for a while, but it's back. It's always on the 3-4 shift, and every now and then...
  15. slowyellow

    Gen 2 Geiser Springs

  16. slowyellow

    COBB AccessPort Mounting Options

    this one is super popular in the mustang crowd. I’ve known a lot of people that run them and they live them. Pretty interesting product, but essentially exactly what you were asking for.
  17. slowyellow

    Gen 2 Geiser Springs

    They came on a set of newish take-offs that I bought. I never ran them on my truck.
  18. slowyellow

    Tuning and Forscan interaction

    Ok, thank you for that. I wish someone did it the other way, lol. I've got the question out to COBB, I'll update if I hear something back.
  19. slowyellow

    Tuning and Forscan interaction

    Did you have forscan mods prior to putting the tune into the truck? My biggest concern is whether or not I need to put the auto start/stop back to factory prior to disabling it with the COBB stuff.
  20. slowyellow

    2019 Raptor stolen from dealer.

    HOLY SHIT... Hope everything works out for you buddy.
  21. slowyellow

    Gen 2 Geiser Springs

    I've got a set of Gen 2 Geiser Springs that I'd like to sell local. So, for now, it's local pickup only. I'll meet within reason around the Hampton Roads area of VA. I'm asking $450 for them. They only have about 5K miles on them. Text 469-232-8360 for pictures. Geoff Edit: Updated price...
  22. slowyellow

    GooseTuned vs. MPT? What am I missing?

    Yep, and I figured that you might have been joking, but then I nuked it out in my head. I was like, maybe they limit the voltage to the heater elements that can be adjusted in a tune. A man can hope... And I miss the pee'd myself feeling!
  23. slowyellow

    GooseTuned vs. MPT? What am I missing?

    Is this freaking true??? That's a pretty big complaint of mine. They obviously work, but I've had VW's in the past and they would get so hot, so quick. I've been thinking that Ford missed the mark, or that my elements are going bad.
  24. slowyellow

    Carbon fiber parts from Covid boredom

    Well, I appreciate the update. I did read that you were having a tough time but not that you weren't doing it. I understand but am freaking bummed, lol. Let me know if anyone falls through with theirs.
  25. slowyellow

    Cam Phaser/ Engine Failure Poll

    Yes, parts are on order now. Still love my truck!