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    Available - 2022 White Raptor 800a - MSRP - Update: I’m hearing this now has a deposit placed

    Updating now that I hear this Raptor has a deposit. Hope it works out for someone!
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    Are other car manufacturers having part issues and production delays?

    It’s all manufacturers unfortunately. And if you think it’s bad with the Raptors, try ordering a Bronco. Ordering a Bronco and what options/trim feels like….
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    Available - 2022 White Raptor 800a - MSRP - Update: I’m hearing this now has a deposit placed

    It is. And I can understand the hesitation/skepticism in this day in age. But this dealer only marks up GT500s. *isn’t too good to be true (getting too late in the day :) )
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    Available - 2022 White Raptor 800a - MSRP - Update: I’m hearing this now has a deposit placed

    Then he’d think I’m trolling him. Hopefully whoever snatches this one up confirms MSRP. I’ve got to maintain my internet street cred man…
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    Available - 2022 White Raptor 800a - MSRP - Update: I’m hearing this now has a deposit placed

    Just thought I’d pass along a lead. A NC dealership has a 2022 white 800a available for someone to takeover the order. 800a, Torsen, Spray bedliner. Should arrive in October. $72,940 plus tax, tag, and fees (which I believe are only either $149 or $499, can’t remember which). I believe they...
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    2010 6.2L horrible engine noise

    I was told 3 years, 100,000 miles.
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    2010 6.2L horrible engine noise

    So after nearly 8 months, I got her back today. Strangely, they chose to lift the cab for the 2nd engine install. But drives like “new”.
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    Subtle Clunking

    When was the last time you rebuilt/replaced your shocks? I think they require rebuilding ever 50k miles. I replaced mine at 75-80k miles and 1 front and 1 rear was blown. Lots of rattle/clunk prior to replacement. All good after…
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    2/28 squad

    Well my build keeps getting pushed. 2/21>2/28>3/12 (day)>3/21>4/14 (as of this morning). What a cluster… Oct 12th order. Black 35 loaded.
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    Raptor Vs GMC AT4X

    I briefly considered the AT4X but with the starting price of $75k, I struggled to see the value over a very well optioned Raptor. Though with latest $3.3k price change, and more likely to come, it could change things slightly.
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    801a price change

    Looks like Ford updated their online build & price as well for this change.
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    2/28 squad

    Just heard I got bumped from 2/21 to 2/28. 35’s, 801a, moonroof, bedliner, beadlocks, carbon, pro power, auto stop delete.
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    Looks like no BlueCruise for Raptor - 801a's READ!

    I’m fine with this honestly. Probably would have never used it and I if I’m not badly mistaken, Ford was going to charge a subscription fee after 3 years.
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    WTB: ‘21 Lead foot 35 loaded Might have a $10k markup, but doesn’t hurt to ask…
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    02/21 Squad

    Anyone else week of 2/21? I was very lucky to jump on an order about a week ago that someone else chose to give up. Original order 10/12/2021, Agate, 801A, beadlocks, Bedliner, moonroof/tailgate, carbon fiber, pro power, auto stop/start delete. No ADM. Fingers crossed the dates don’t shift...
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    Black, Atlas, and Antimatter - Picking 2022 Color

    Like the others mentioned, AB is amazing in person and I was on the fence between black and AB. I went with black since the order I put a deposit on was black but I definitely could live either. That’s said I’ve only owned black vehicles, including my gen1, except a 03 Azure Blue Mach1.
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    A little confused on my order.....Carbon Fiber and Wheels

    You can build one under the 2022 F150 build & price.
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    2022 Price list. MSRP vs Invoice

    Costco’s auto buying guide lists the invoice and MSRP for options and packages when you go to their ‘build vehicle’ option under new vehicle research.
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    MSRP in the Carolinas?

    Good to hear. Yeah Kass had mentioned they were trying to work something out for you to get your truck. Crap timing huh?
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    MSRP in the Carolinas?

    Huge thank you to you sir. Spoke with Kass today and he agreed to order one at MSRP for me. He then called me back to say there is an order scheduled for build next month (buyer backed out) with a couple extra options that I hadn’t originally wanted. Thought about it and decided to pull the...
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    MSRP in the Carolinas?

    I reached out to a salesman at Capital last week who we worked with a few years ago for our Explorer purchase and while he didn’t mention any specific about the allocations he said there were 5 unscheduled orders ahead of me with a wait time of 6-8 months. Plus the $10k markup. No thanks…
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    MSRP in the Carolinas?

    Any other leads on MSRP deals in NC? The couple I’ve heard back from in the Raleigh area are $10k markups. Even at a dealership where we currently have a Bronco on order from.
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    2010 6.2L horrible engine noise

    Yeah I am truly at a loss here. I do hope this wasn’t a F up on the part of the tech who’s doing this (forgot to tighten header bot, etc.) else I might be getting another jacked up engine from Ford. But my service advisor was confident the flaw was inside the engine based on what he heard.