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    Let us know about the LCA bushings. I seem to remember another post where the guy bought bushings and they were not the correct part for the Raptor LCA.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    good luck. keep us posted
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    Gen 1 Cabin Air Filter Addition

    I've heard it slightly restricts airflow into the AC system so you might lose some velocity through your vents. Not sure if its noticeable, but it might be worth having cleaner air in the cabin.
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    Gen 2 OEM shocks. Non-live valve

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    PNW Customs 3rd Brake Light

    There's a new 3rd brake light coming to market soon. Similar to GJ and RPG. - Billet aluminum housing. - Allows the installation of 3 Baja Designs S2 lights. - Uses factory bolt locations. - No cutting or drilling. - Comes with 3 prewired red LEDs for brake and marker lights. - Powder coated...
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    Gen 2 OEM shocks. Non-live valve

    I have a set of Gen 2 shocks that need rebuilt. I’m not rebuilding Gen 2s anymore so I’m selling off my stock. Tears have schrader valves installed and 2 extra valves will be included for the fronts. Shipping available but local pick up is preferred $600.00 local pick up in everett, wa Buyer...
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    GJ Motorsports 3rd Brake Light Gen 1

    I have a used Gen 1 GJ 3rd brake light. All LEDs work but you will have to cut your existing harness or rewire it. It's only 2 wires so pretty simple to figure out. There is some RTV remanants on the top and sides and some weird stain on the top but if you want a perfect clean brake light...
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    GEN 1 Shock rebuild

    I’ve been doing 200psi per the rebuild thread in in the sticky section. You may want to try SDHQ for the stickers? I've never bought decals as i generally just leave them blank or i have my gf make me some custom ones and then i wrap the body with clear vinyl.
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    GEN 1 Shock rebuild

    you might be overthinking it but it seems reasonable to try to get all the build air out before charging. On the rear shock you could pull the IFP all the way up, install the cap and then charge it. that would bleed out most of the build air. Do the same thing for the fronts. push the IFP...
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    GEN 1 Shock rebuild

    The fronts and rears are a little different. Rear - Install IFP and push all the way down. Install bypass tube and fill with 28oz of fluid. SLOWLY cycle the IFP up and down a few inches to remove any trapped air. When no more bubbles come up when pushing the IFP down, the system is bled...
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    GEN 1 Shock rebuild

    Those cleaned up nicely!!! And yeah, welcome to the world of rebuilding 10+ year old shocks. I would look at shock seals for your seal kits as they seem to have the best prices. I cerakote the bodies as well as the retaining clip on the fronts to keep them from corroding again. Amazon sells a...
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    Terrible OEM headlight housings - RR

    You'll likely need 2 ballast and a wire harness for it to be plug and play. Check out The Retrofit Source and look at their kit for 2009-2014 retrofit kit or give them a call and tell them what you're trying to do and they should tell you what you need. Basically you need a ballast connected to...
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    Gen 1-3 Bed Supports

    yes i have several available. Are you looking for Gen 1 or 2/3?
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    GJ Motorsports Replacement Brake Light LED?

    they are the 6mm ones and you only get one option with them.
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    GJ Motorsports Replacement Brake Light LED?

    I've been using these on my brake lights. they look the same as GJ
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    New 3rd brake light

    They will be for sale in a few weeks. Gen 1 lights are in production now and should be ready in a few weeks. Price will be $350 shipped and will include pre wired LEDs for the brake light, wire harness for the S2 lights, gaskets for the S2's and housing, and new stainless mounting hardware...
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    New 3rd brake light

    First brake light off the machine and getting prepped for powder coat
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    3rd Brake Light Connector

    Does anyone know what kind of connector this is? Its the OEM connector on our 3rd brake light. I don't need the harness, i just need the connector shown in the pic. I found one from the connector experts but its $90. i have to believe you can find these in bulk much cheaper.
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    Local Shock Rebuilding in Washington State

    I've run the TSW bravo tune, and unknown shock tune and a "flutter stack" on my front shocks and honestly couldn't tell the difference between any of them. Are you running OEM springs on low perch? That would probably help more than valving. The problem with me changing valving is there are...
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    RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light | COMING SOON (PRE-ORDERS OPEN)

    Contact me if you ever need a new one. I'm making my own version of their brake light and cutting my own gaskets. I can easily cut a gasket for the GJ one as well
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    Local Shock Rebuilding in Washington State

    If you have an idea of what shims i can put whatever you want in there. I don’t know much about tuning except thinner is softer so i would just be guessing
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    RPG Off-Road 3rd Brake Light/Chase Light | COMING SOON (PRE-ORDERS OPEN)

    you can find the led's on amazon LEDs. they are the 6mm ones. As for the gaskets i doubt you can get them but if you are in a jam, i can measure mine and cut a new gasket. I also ran a bead of RTV around the top and sides of my light just in case.
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    Anyone rebuild King Bumps?

    Thanks. I was able to get a hold of king and they said 124cc. The back up plan was to measure what came out but you just never know how much has leaked out I’ve done lots of shocks that have had very little fluid left in them so I’m always skeptical of measuring that way