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    Undercoating questions

    FluidFilm is great, takes 30-40min to spray on the truck before winter.
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    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    I had a Truxedo TruXport on my Gen2 and Leer RollItUp on my G3. Both were great, not secure but kept stuff out of sight and dry, also allowed bed to be full opened for dirt bikes. At $200-300 kind of hard to beat.
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    Gen 3 Tailgate Pad for MTB

    I have a very similar pad that you are looking at, it is more dependent on the bike geo than anything. Some bike fall on each other some bikes are more stable. Also, how rough the road you are driving is. Generally I have two different racks I run, if just the wife and I, I much prefer my hitch...
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    Dealership wants 5k deposit for 2022's and says orders can't be placed yet

    Eh my first 2019 required a 5k deposit, mainly because I wanted a weird configuration, basically a loaded 800A lol. They said that it would be harder for them to offload if I backed out. That dealer was also selling it to me at invoice so like 5k under MSRP, so I had no issues with it. My 2021...
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Good choice on wheels, these are definitely one of my favorites! Is it possible to send a picture head on and from the back to see the offset? How much stuff are these throwing at your doors? My GEN2 with these Vector6 wheels, threw a bunch more stuff up at the doors than my stock wheels, is...
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    Rough idle in drive

    Lol the test drive. It isn’t horrible. No weird sounds. Just a little more vibration at idle than I got from my Gen2. Mainly at 500rpm. 600rpm feels fine.
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    Rough idle in drive

    Mine has rough idle as well. I am at 2200mi, all but first tank was premium gas. So if you get any insight, please let us know
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    Gen 3 raptor won’t start

    Hope this helps. When you put truck into park. Wait 30second before shutting truck off. OTA update should be coming soon. I had same issue day 2 of ownership. Luckily have friends in good places, hasn’t happened since.
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    New Gen 3 Lower Bumper 6"-12" Light Bar kits launching for Preorder Soon (Check them out...)

    Alright I got another question. What about a harness that allows the both set of rigid fogs to be run from fog light switch rather than aux1. Would be nice to free aux1 since highest output.
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    New Gen 3 Lower Bumper 6"-12" Light Bar kits launching for Preorder Soon (Check them out...)

    I was thinking something like this. (hopefully a little more discrete) Sounds like Ford is making you work for it.
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    New Gen 3 Lower Bumper 6"-12" Light Bar kits launching for Preorder Soon (Check them out...)

    How does the diode dynamics 12in compare to a pair ss3 sport driving? I am a huge fan of their lights. How long of a light bar do you think would fit onto the top of the bumper? Preferably diode dynamics, but not sure if a curved light bar would be better. Also, is it possible to make a set...
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    Dumb Question - 2WD vs 4 AUTO

    Usually all summer I leave in 2H, but anything below 35 degree I run 4A. If actual snow on the ground 4H (don't like 4A, delayed transition to front wheel power). There is a 1-2mpg difference between 2H and 4A. (19MY, haven't tried 4A other then to makes sure it worked in the 21MY)
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    how do you use baja exhaust mode on the street

    You can put it in Baja mode. It give you an off-road warning that you accept with an ok on steering wheel. At the bottom of the cluster it says off-road only. (Basically Ford doesn’t want to be responsible for a noise violation) When you restart the vehicle it goes back to normal. Baja mode is...
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    plug in bed

    400W, wife stole truck, will take picture later.
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    Initial Impressions

    I cannot answer that. My 2019 had stock suspension. But my guess is much softer.
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    Initial Impressions

    So I was able to rip some forest roads this weekend. Rear axle is much improved, can stay on the power much better through the chattery stuff. Also, much less rear axle hop in general.
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    Rigid Fog lights

    All Four lights are the same SR-M SAE. Reason is many states require at most 4 forward facing lights on, which is why the others have covers. Same reason the fogs shut off when you turn your bright on. Not sure why Ford thinks we need two sets of fogs, with both of them aimed straight at the...
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    Initial Impressions

    Kind of, it is not as flexible as I wanted for being a full screen, but the small gauges are reconfigurable.
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    Initial Impressions

    Yeah that is the torsen package, it includes both lights. (Much better value than the last model)
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    Initial Impressions

    Cluster is definitely on of my favorite parts.
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    How many paid MSRP?

    My dealer was MSRP. (They told me they are going to start doing 5k for all new orders, but they honored our agreement.) Other local dealers were 3-10k ADM when I was shopping. Though one of my local dealers just sold a 37 for 105k.
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    Initial Impressions

    Oh headlights of 800A seem about the same as Gen2. No complaints. Fog lights aren’t great. Oh well wanted Torsion. (Previous truck had diode dynamic pro fogs) Stock reverse lights are way better in the new truck.
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    Initial Impressions

    So mine came today. Same as OP. 800A Leadfoot. Came from a 19 Gen2 800A. 75mi on it so far. Initial impressions. Overall huge upgrade. Interior is so nice. All surfaces seem to have improved materials. Instrument cluster has great graphics and visuals. (Miss my cloth seats but heat and cooling...
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    In Production / Window Sticker Available

    My blend date is 8/27 and showing 9/15 delivery. I am in MI ,dealer is 15-20mi from DTP.