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  1. tooloud10

    Wastegate Rattle on Startup Fix?

    I'm starting to think that what I thought was the cam phaser issue on my truck is actually just the wastegate rattle, which seems like it should be a relief.
  2. tooloud10

    Dealer says my 2018 Raptor is only worth $25k on trade

    Is it "selling" at $50k or is it "sitting" for $50k?
  3. tooloud10

    New Tire Time, What's Good These Days?

    TIL that "Old Raptor Guy" is likely younger than me
  4. tooloud10

    Quick Help needed: Phaser Rattle or something else?

    I would say it's the phasers as well. Mine were replaced a few months back but it sounds exactly the same after the replacement as before.
  5. tooloud10

    Decal removal

    My hood graphics came off remarkably easily with no chemicals at all--just waited for a hot day.
  6. tooloud10

    Should i upgraded from 2018 Raptor scab to 2023 Raptor 37 package?

    Would really need to know your goals to answer the question. How bad do you want a new one? Are you independently wealthy? Is there some life change coming that requires the extra interior room?
  7. tooloud10

    GEN 2 Headlight Tint Kit?

    It's essentially impossible to tint lights without reducing the light output; I can't believe this even needs to be point out.
  8. tooloud10

    Sport Mode - The Superior Mode

    100% accurate. Personally, the Raptor's Sport mode feels like someone described a sport mode to a different person that had to implement it, and what they came up with was to just hold gears longer and keep the turbos spooled. It feels totally unnatural to me, kills the gas mileage, and drives...
  9. tooloud10

    Sport Mode - The Superior Mode

    Let's unpack a couple things here: 1) Can't say I've ever noticed a difference in drivetrain stress one way or the other. 2) It is quite noticeable that it holds gears for so long, but I don't see this as positively as most others. 3) There's definitely more turbo use in Sport mode. 4)...
  10. tooloud10

    PMCS: Panoramic Sunroof

    They actually do start rattling by themselves. My brand new '15 Lariat Screw had a rattling sunroof before I had 250 miles on the odometer. I've never had problems with any other sunroof, pano sunroof, or convertible top mechanism in my entire life, but both of my F150's sunroofs have broken.
  11. tooloud10

    Predictions on how long over MSRP pricing will continue?

    1) Anyone can find them for "MSRP" online--they're fishing for suckers. 2) You didn't get four non-local dealers to agree to MSRP on a new Raptor in two hours. 3) There's a non insignificant cost associated with buying a vehicle that requires a 1000 mile round trip to acquire.
  12. tooloud10

    Raptor on turo

    My Raptor is the least delicate vehicle I've owned in years so if I was in the market to rent something, that would be the one. Sometimes I feel like the only car enthusiast that doesn't get emotional about owning a hunk of glass and metal. If it gets broken or stolen, insurance fixes it or buys...
  13. tooloud10

    Mileage at Delivery

    Not surprising, the dealers have no reason to worry about how many miles are on anyone's new Raptors.
  14. tooloud10

    Hit the jackpot this weekend!

    That's what they look like with the beadlock trim rings installed. The OP's used wheels look just like the OEM headlock-capable wheels on my '19 Raptor without the rings.
  15. tooloud10

    Problems with HWY 41 in Milwaukee...Very strange issue.

    I noticed that my Gen 2 infotainment system seemed to be freezing at the same location every time, about 1/4 mile down the street from my house. I finally realized that it seemed to be related to me plugging my iPhone in and activating CarPlay--when the truck/phone left the coverage of my home...
  16. tooloud10

    Factory Tonneau Cover Issues

    Seems like tonneau cover issues are almost always related to the installation, so I wouldn't expect them to replace it either. That goes double if these are dealer installed.
  17. tooloud10

    How concerning is buying a G2 without Cam Phasers addressed?

    I don't think I've ever been as confused about an issue as I have been with these cam phasers: 1) I don't understand what happens if they're not fixed. Does my engine blow? Does it just keep sounding funny on cold starts? 2) I don't understand the relationship between reprogramming the ECU and...
  18. tooloud10

    Was at my local dealer today. Lots of truck inventory

    I remember a Chrysler dealer telling me the same thing as he tried to sell a first year PT Cruiser to me for $5k over MSRP.
  19. tooloud10

    Being offered a 22 with no Moonroof---Normal?

    This is a tough one: Most Raptor owners specify the moonroof. The loud but vocal minority is in this group, but they're not wrong--they know the downsides. I normally insist on a moonroof because I like them. The '15+ Ford trucks are the one time I might skip the feature because of how fragile...
  20. tooloud10

    Tent set ups for Gen 3

    RTTs are all pretty universal so whatever fit on a Gen 2 will fit on a Gen 3. Here's my Smittybilt Gen 2 on my Raptor Gen 2.
  21. tooloud10

    How to find the regional rep.

    That logic sucks. You could just as easily point out that if Ford is selling them for $90k, they can afford to eat the cost increase.
  22. tooloud10

    How to find the regional rep.

    ^^ This The regional Ford rep isn't for end users, it's for dealers. If they gave the rep's contact info out to every customer that wanted it the rep would never get anything done because they'd be responding to basic requests like this all day that should be handled by the dealer. I'm a...
  23. tooloud10

    With the price of TRx, why are folks paying ADM for raptors?

    Really? That's surprising because my '21 Edge shows the outside temp at the top of the big screen, even when CarPlay is active. Why would they change that on the trucks?
  24. tooloud10

    Ford Quality Job 1

    Most of us recognize that the door just needs to be adjusted on a new vehicle that starts under $35k so we just don't see this as the big 'gotcha' that some others do. The 'complicated' solution is to point it out to the dealer and ask them to adjust the door parts that are designed to be...