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    Switching from a 22 to a 23. Offered an avalanche grey or azure grey even trade.

    I really like AG looks better in person. This is my truck the day I picked it up 3 weeks ago.
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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    I’m in Delaware, dealership is in Newcastle, De. I buy a lot of trucks and cars from this dealership so at most I pay is msrp or under.
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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    I feel like an idiot smh. Now that you mentioned that my old gt350 had something like that.
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    2nd guessing my choice of Avalanche Grey

    Picking truck up tomorrow pictures of color AG!
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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    I seen my truck today, picking it up tomorrow. 2023 AG 37” blend date was November 14. Delivery was today be ready for pick up tomorrow. It has the heated steering wheel button on the wheel. I didn’t have the keys to see if it works. With that being said if the button is there then I would think...
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    2023 Scheduled Order Poll

    I ordered a 2022 in March of 22. Rolled to a 2023 37pp in July. Blend date was November 14th. As of this morning truck has shipped unloaded at rail yard sitting at port of Wilm Delaware. Any day at this point, port is only 10 miles from dealership. Fingers crossed!
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    I’m not a big poster in the forum. But just from my opinion I had and sold my trx only because it did not look any different from a rebel to the general public. People who know what one is knew the difference. I pulled in a parking lot in my trx and guy said to me nice rebel what exhaust is...
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    Hitch mounted Mud Flaps (Rock Tamers)

    I have them on my 2500 gmc with 37” tires. They work great in my opinion. However they are big, and don’t look to appealing. But on lifted 3/4 ton diesel not to bad. They do protect the fiberglass on a bass boat.
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    GEN 2 Who is interested in a Whipple Stage 1 Group Buy?

    So I missed the window for this. I just took delivery of an 18 screw, 2 weeks ago. Any chance there will be another group buy?