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    Console Vault Thoughts?

    I have a 2021 and bought the one for the 2020 and it did not fit
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    Console safe

    Any news on one that fits the 2021 Raptor
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    Graphics/Decals or not?

    My dealer orders them with out stickers because they say that they take them off more than the people want them. I’m still torn my Gen 3 Red Raptor doesn’t have them. I’ve often considered adding them but don’t know what the dealer would charge or even if they could get them.
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    Driveshaft/Insulator Recall

    i just bought mine brand new truck and they wouldn’t let me take delivery untill it was fixed.
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    Window Tint %

    Mine is a clear tint that just takes out the UV rays.
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    Window Tint %

    I went with ceramic window tint to match the back and a clear on the inside of the front windshield