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    My 2022 is here but not price protected? (another thread)

    Went to pick up mine today, 11/4 order - arrived 7/31, Mine is all F*&%$ up, I tried explaining to the dealer but I cannot get them to see it. New window sticker shows the reduced 801A @4755.00 (1395.00 difference), Base price is up by 5410.00, Carbon fiber was deleted (not by me0, Forged wheels...
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    WTB: 37 Package Wheels and Tires

    Austin, do you still have them?
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    Rear Tailgate Applique!

    Looking for one still interested in a trade?
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    Gen 3 Wheel Swap Anyone? PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks.

    I have mine coming end of July but I’m in Minnesota. If you figure out a way I’ll trade
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    GEN 2 Truck Order Discussion

    Newbie here, been watching and reading for months, ordered a screw, 802A, interior accent, forged, technology, tailgate app, bedliner on 9/23 at MSRP. I was told yesterday maybe June or July delivery, Really? Originally was going to order from local dealer (where I had spent around 250K on...

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