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    Best trailer to tow behind a 2012 ford raptor?

    I pull a 22 foot wakeboard boat at ~6000 pounds, and a 21 foot ToyHauler that usually around the same. only issue is gas millage drops to at 8 MPG if i get above 65 MPH.
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    MSRP Guesses?

    $109,876 because - why not?
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    Photo Shopped Raptor Images?? So Amazing you might think so…

    Great Pics. Q - How do you keep the truck so clean while driving down dirt roads.
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    Always Nice to have a “Test Dummy” on the Trail…

    Looks like the desert is reclaiming the land. Thnaks for sharing.
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    New Lights On Amp Research Running Boards

    Thanks for posting. Very helpful as I am looking to update my Amp lights soon.
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    Another Almost Deadly Encounter with Jake, The Snake

    Nope, nope and nope, he can have that water hole. In my experience if there is one there are more.
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    Transmission compatibility

    I agree that you should have it rebuilt. Had mine done 3 years ago and have had no issues. Going on 50k on rebuilt Trans.
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    Ruby red on the ground

    Let's revisit this tread in 12 months.
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    Ruby red on the ground

    As the price of gas increases the price of these trucks will come down. Because demand will decrease.
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    Ford CEO Farley Says Dealers Who Gouge Could Get Fewer Vehicles

    Not many free enterprise proponents on here... Bottom line if consumers would all stop wanting something so bad they agree to pay for ADM or finance through a dealer for 7 years all of these issues would not exist. Yes, I know nobody on here did ether of these things.
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    Who’s always wanted to try this?

    Just goes to show, cameras are everywhere. and he was haul'n.
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    Moab...South of Town

    You know your way around, wish I had seen this before our Moab trip last year. thnaks for sharing.
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    Bronco Raptor

    A actually saw a Ranger Tremor on HWY 6 south of College Station. Thought to my self WTH? Guess it could have been a trick vinyl job but it looked like a real one to me. (Sorry no pics)
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    A Raptor and a RedRock Rabbit

    Nice excursion. Thanks for sharing.
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    Raptoring Mars? Yes you can!!

    Beautiful shots of Mars. You Sir have talent not easy to do that in a space helmet.