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    9/20 Squad

    In Production with 9/25 build day
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    August 24th Build rescheduled on 8/13 to 9/20

    Same story, had a feeling it was coming without a window sticker, confirmed today by FP.
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    Have a VIN and Scheduled July 19th!!

    Week of august 23rd…finally.
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    conformation email from Ford or account

    There’s another thread with the phone number for performance Ford where they can confirm the order.
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    Confirm order with Ford Performance

    Orders in, now for the impatient waiting.
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    Has anyone received a DORA?

    I was told today that the priority code with regard to Raptors is meaningless as it is already considered a specialty order and will be prioritized as such by Ford.
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    No BS dealership in Texas to order from

    one more person looking for that information please.