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  • Whats their last name. The own on Cheyenne if they have the moto track. I know a few people that have places over there. Most of the people that went in on that track are kicking themselves in the butt. It was something like a 20K buy in. They hired Dirtworks to build them a track, bought a water tender, water tower, and tractor to maintain it and most have gotten tired of the track by now. Of the original owners, only one or two use it with any sort of constancy. That place is full of people with deep pockets though. I'm over at Silver Dunes Lakes, about a mile way from them. I'd come a visit ya on the 19th but I'll be out racing my street bike at Chuckwalla Valley raceway that weekend.
    Not sure, I'm heading out for the first time on the 19th of this month. They bought about 60 acres just behind the lake and built a full size moto track.
    What's up TT. Looking forward to seeing you on tomorrows run. Hey, I have some friends who have a lake house in Newberry. Maybe you know them... Dave & Elissa? Going to be hanging out at their place quite a bit this season.
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