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    Tailgate Delete with ForScan

    Wow. So they must have changed the caps recently. So what you’ll need to do is create a jumper harness for the plugs or The sensors and tailgate ajar can be removed with IDS, a dealer should be able to do that for you. The jumper harness would allow you to be out the tailgate back on whenever...
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    Tailgate Delete with ForScan

    The truck should have come with a blank off plug in the glove box. That blank will go where you disconnected the tailgate harness, it should allow the tailgate ajar and other functions to be deleted. Not 100% sure how it will effect the camera function. With the plug blank in, it may not allow...
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    Flat towing a 2021 or 2022 Raptor

    That’s definitely your problem, the brake booster is waking up all of the modules eevrytime it applies the brakes and the brake lights light up. You NEED to add a charge line off your motorhome 7 way plug to the battery of the raptor, be sure to use a one way breaker as well. This will keep the...
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    Support needed

    @FiveOsvt Subscribed tp the YouTube as well! Good luck with the new venture. If you need a hand with anything, or want to go hit a trail or two let me know, we are not that far from each other.
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    Life for original set of brakes

    I’m at 97,000 on mine and at the last check (about 2500 miles ago) dealer said my rears were almost ready to be done, likely at the next oil change and the fronts still had plenty of life.
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    Any other Raptor work trucks?

    I used mine daily when I lived in Florida and was building custom homes. Was a great truck to have on job sites
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    front and rear bumper guards Wilco’s Raptor

    I doubt they are made anymore. They were just bars that went over the OEM bumpers. Front was bolted on to the tow hook location, rear used a couple bolts off the trailer hitch and you had to drill 2 holes into the bumper for the other mounting location. this is the front...
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    front and rear bumper guards Wilco’s Raptor

    I’m pretty Sure those are from N-Fab. My brother had them on his F150.
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    Flat tow 2022 F150 Raptor wiring kit with plug-and-play install

    I haven’t seen anything like that, but could be built fairly easily. on my truck, I just added one of the under tailgate style light bars and wires all the light functions into that. That way I didn’t cut into the wiring for my LED tail lights and didn’t risk any issues. Definitely add a...
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    Raptor with an XLT grill

    Yes, you could swap the grill and headlights, and drive the truck while you have the valance fabricated. If you’re on Facebook, check the raptor swapped page, you’ll find a few people that have done it.
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    Raptor with an XLT grill

    I asked Pax about this a couple years ago as well. They said that the truck pictured is a 2019 and they custom made a lower trim valance to match the raptor fenders. They used the OEM 18-20 lower balance and grafted the headlight extensions from the 15-20 raptor. I would think a good body shop...
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    How much taxes and fees do you pay annually in SC or NC state?

    I remember when I lived in NC, the registration on my raptor was around $500/550 per year. I moved back to FL and my tag renewal was $92 for 2 years! Some states really stick it to you.
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    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    How about this? If all you’re looking for is the ability for someone to not take off with the truck should they get it started.
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    Cross-country Road Trip

    Take the truck and enjoy it. I drove my Gen 1 about 80,000 miles in almost 4 years of ownership. Never once hesitated to take it out. I now have 93,000+ miles on my raptor swapped f150 (in just over 4 years of ownership) and a good 70% of those miles are trips across the US, not to mention the...
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    Morimoto VS AlphaRex

    I sure I’m in the minority here, but I have a set of AlphaRex on my f150. I’ve had them for over 2 years now and not a single problem. The white outline (DRL) still works and not a single LED out. The amber turn signal and amber turn outline switchback still perform flawless and not a single...