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    Pelican style cases

    These are right at 15lbs empty. still have a few left.
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    Pelican style cases

    I you the weight later today. it will fit under a cover when laid down on its back, not standing up. I was looking at putting some of the Milwaukee packout feet on mine so it would clip into the base plates I have mounted to the floor.
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    Pelican style cases

    Price drop on these. $250 each, I believe we have 5 left. Can ship or meet up along my route back home from St Augustine, Florida to Knoxville, TN.
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    North Carolina Raptor Group meet up / Ride

    I’m in east TN, but would drive for a good meet up/off-road weekend. I lived in Asheville for a while, there’s a trail right off I40 near the TN line, Hurricane creek. It’s been a while since I drove it, and back then it could be tight in areas. I do know of a couple easyish trails in northern...
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    Raptor Swaps

    Yup. To run any Gen 2 front shock on ANY f150, the coil bucket needs to be replaced. It’s not a hard swap to do, I think Camburg is even a bolt in design….but I’d feel better about welding it in. But the Gen 1 shock fits perfect and has full travel.
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    Raptor Swaps

    Gen 1 shocks fit the 2105 and up F150 coil bucket. The longer Gen 2 shocks need to have the coils buckets removed and new ones (KHC, CAMBURG, ETC) welded or bolted in to allow for full travel. I have a 2018 F150, with a full raptor swap. Gen 1 shocks and springs up front, all Gen 2 control arms...
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    4WD ACTION 4X4 from Australia (non Raptor video)

    Love watching those guys. the one that does the “off grid” spin off is very entertaining and always has some amazing scenery.
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    Anyone with Blendmount and ****** Max 360?

    I have a MaxCam with a blendmount in my truck and have zero issues with the GPS signal. I’d say mine is further away from the windshield than yours is……and I have a dark tinted windshield too. I had a GOS problem with an older 9500x I believe. Sent it back to ****** and they reprogrammed it...
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    F250 Help

    My brother has an F250 that as built to a Raptor SD. we did Carli radius arms, King shocks, and full Deaver leaf packs. Damn thing rides phenomenal for such a huge truck.
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    Interior Windshield Light Bar

    I’ve installed quite a few of those from SoundOff, Whelen also offers them…..they are interior light bars for emergency vehicles. Typically seen in red/blue, but available in pretty much any color. Several flags patterns (25+) plus steady burn. Interior light bars like that really are not meant...
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    GEN 2 Transmission Failure while being towed

    I have towed my 2018 over 30,000 miles and have not had any issues with dead batteries or transmission failures. Here is why, and why I did. First, a charge line is a MUST! It connects from the motorhome trailer plug to a one way breaker and then to the battery. The breaker allows for wire...
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    Diamond Back HD Molle Panels

    Yeah I made that mistake once before. Had the drivers door lock twisted. I didnt have anything of value inside. Yes, SA is rough.
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    Diamond Back HD Molle Panels

    I have one and I love it. Got the SE since I didn’t see ever needing to load anything heavy on top of it. I can stand on top of it and it doesn’t budge, and I’m at 250 lbs. I was on the fence for a long time as well, even did a soft roll up cover for a while. But the DB is definitely one of the...
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    RH-262 Thermostat Housing

    I was just getting on here to reply to you. The dealer I visit in FL has a couple of them in stock, and will sell me one if you need it. I’d buy it and have to ship it to you. I will be back down there on Monday and can get it out if you’d like.
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    RH-262 Thermostat Housing

    The engines are the same, that’s very odd that I was able to get mine done. I will ask in the morning and see what I can find out. Might get lucky.