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    Oil consumption? 2020?

    Definitely, not going to lie, was a little nervous with how fast I was putting on the mileage. Touch wood so far so good. I change oil at about 50% generally, use 0w40.
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    Oil consumption? 2020?

    121,000 km's on my '18. I have yet to have to add oil between changes and I do check it frequently.
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    Panoramic rattle

    I did this two weeks ago and it completely eliminated the annoying rattle. I was popping open the roof everyday to stop it and since I added the grease I haven't touched it.
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    DIY stereo upgrade for under $500.00

    Has anybody tried the 10" pioneer slim box under the seat? Wondering if I can add the amp and just put this under the seat...
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    DIY stereo upgrade for under $500.00

    So my plan was to upgrade the amp and put a new sub in the existing enclosure. You say "DO NOT" use the enclosure. Why can't the enclosure be used?
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    DIY stereo upgrade for under $500.00

    So if I have followed this thread properly the Sub and Amp I was going to go out and buy to simply upgrade the sub is not possible with a 2018 B&O system?
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    Offroad Alliance Customer Service

    Just a quick note of thanks to Jeff from Offroad Alliance. Had some issues trying to order brackets and having them sent to Canada. Jeff was a huge help and his communication amazing!! Looking forward to getting the brackets. Thanks for the help Jeff! Andy
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    Cam Phaser/ Engine Failure Poll

    Sorry for the delayed response, 2018 with 60000km's (Canadian).
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    Cam Phaser/ Engine Failure Poll

    Just voted. Mine was at dealer and they have ordered phasers. I am still driving it and it is booked in for mid July.
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    Cam Phaser/Engine Failure Reports

    I have lurked on here since I got my Raptor last June. I am currently at 54,000km's (Canadian eh) and I believe mine has developed the infamous cam phaser issue. It is scheduled to go into the dealer next Tuesday. I have done nothing but baby the motor since purchase, use Ford filters and...
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    Best sounding CAI

    I was under the impression the COBB did not require a tune on the 2018's. Is that correct?