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    Upgrades to support Whipple?

    I second the billet oil pump gears. I think the traction bar issue can be mitigated with a sympathetic right foot but... that's not as much fun. The shop that I had mine installed at said they've seen no issues with the Whipples they've installed. Good luck!
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    I think I used the stock hardware and locations for the rear flaps and had to drill a single...

    I think I used the stock hardware and locations for the rear flaps and had to drill a single hole and use a machine screw on either side of the front. Rokblockz mount theirs with OEM hardware. You might find an installation video of those and could use the same method for the Rally Armors...
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    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    Got these put on the truck on Friday. Crappy pic but I really like how they look on the truck. Volk bronze centres and Kingsport Grey on the beauty rings (I tried to match the colour of the fender flares). Note - that was not my park job, the shop tech did that!
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    Roof rack - diy

    I don't have any experience with this but personally, I'd avoid the water and put it outside the rail.
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    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    The black ones I posted the pic of are actually the stainless ones. I think they're cool but still wanna see if I can find some aluminum ones.
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    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    Thanks! I'm trying to do something a little different with these. Found some titanium bolts in the right size but they are something like $17/piece... too much $$$. Trying to find some anodized aluminum bolts but have so far come up blank. Found some motorsports spec stainless bolts that...
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    GEN 1 Daily Driving with Supercharger

    2012 truck that I just Whipple'd (Stage 1) in April with about 30,000 miles on the truck. I don't daily my truck and have only put ~600 miles on it so far. Average MPG has dropped from ~15 MPG to 14.7 MPG. I'm at 3500ft ASL elevation.
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    Whipple Installed - Couple minor issues

    Couple of things to check WRT the surging, could be running lean due to: Fuel pressure (regulated by the fuel pump and regulator or a clogged filter), Restricted fuel injectors, A vacuum leak, Anything else that throws off the fuel mixture going in to the engine.
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    Whipple Installed - Couple minor issues

    I recently put on a Whipple Stage 1, probably have around 600 miles on it now too. I haven't noticed any surging like you described and I don't think I have any new clanks since the SC went on. I get a hard 2-3 shift when it's cold and have had a couple hardish downshifts but nothing that...
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    Gen1 Tire & Wheel Picture Thread (upgraded) - post em up!

    Got my Gen 1 beadlocks refinished and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I want to replace the beauty ring hardware, the stock ones are a little beat up... does anyone know the thread pitch or specs of the beauty ring hardware? EDIT: Looks like they are M10-1.5
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    Powdercoating Bead Lock Ring - COST?

    I just dropped off my wheels for powdercoating on Friday. Was $135/wheel plus $150 for all 4 rings... just under $700 CAD for everything.
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    license plate mount/bracket?

    Personally, I would go with something like this: License Plate Relocate
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    Weight Reduction potential

    He literally said "Bigger is better". I have to assume he was referring to weight since that was the topic of the entire thread. It's ok though, I have nothing more to add.
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    Weight Reduction potential

    Newton presented three laws of motion, see below (hint: it is the second one that is most relevant to the discussion). An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force. The acceleration...
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    Weight Reduction potential

    Generally speaking, reducing the weight of a vehicle will improve all aspects of its dynamics (acceleration, braking, turning, mileage, wear and tear on bearings etc). It's weird that folks here seem to be "anti" weight reduction just because we are talking about a big, heavy truck - that...

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