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    Texas Proud

    Welcome from CENTEX…great resources and knowledge on this forum!
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    damaged suspension by moving it?

    Any possibility that the bushing is actually missing/torn and that is why there is excess play? Do you here any metal on metal contact when hitting the speed bump at the Starbucks Drive Thru?
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    GEN 2 Gen 2 vs. Gen 1 MPG

    I just did a road trip from Central Texas to Michigan and averaged 70 to 77 mph for most of roads. I used regular for most of the fill-ups since I was burning through entire tanks and I mixed in some mid and premium on the way back. My average MPG never got better than 15.6 for the entirety of...
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    ECLIK 2017-2021 Raptor Fox Live valve controller

    Although I am still partial to Fox this is definitely a game changer for some folks. Electronic control is the future as evidenced here. Probably still not as reliable for those real racers out there doing Baja etc. but it will eventually. Never thought I would see electronic valve control on a...
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    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    I did not notice it rattling but I did notice where the cover/quick disconnect slid back and forth while driving at the Texas Raptor Run. Nothing a little dash dressing didn’t clean up but thought about getting a small piece of black felt to put below where the cap rest. I also considered...
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    Fox Shocks Replacement Options

    I have the 3.0 FRS Live Valves w/ Camburg bump stop and Deaver 3+HD and the 3.0s are probably the best value when it comes to improved performance for the cost. Mid travel would be next and the price increases exponentially for that kind of modification. Another option is to get your existing...
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    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    I installed the Ravelco on my 2019 and decided to go through the dash. Debated on wether to hide below using the optional bracket but in the end I wanted to reach it easily and ultimately will never uninstall the Ravelco so not concerned about the hole in the dash. It has given me that peaceful...
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    Live Valve E-click Corrossion, Rust

    I thought all you young whipper snappers were good at finding crap on the internets... :p
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    3.0 Factory Live Valve Setting

    Would also say those jumps at TRR are "not ideal" for a great landing as compared to the groomed jumps at Rally Ready for instance that allow you to get air and land nice and flat. The jump at TRR w/ the flags put just about every truck into a pitched nose down position when landing.
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    3.0 Factory Live Valve Setting

    Great question; I was wondering the same thing. I didn't make any change at TRR but wish I had. According to Fox's LV manual I wish I would have tried the "softer" setting so see how it felt.
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    Live Valve E-click Corrossion, Rust

    SDI actually has an entire document under support of their error codes; not sure if yours is on there but they do have them. There is also a list of error codes in the manual for the e-clik raptor manual. Both of which I attached.
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    GEN 2 Trim getting dull

    I have been using this for the bed caps, bumper trim and the hood scoop.
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    Eye Spy a F-250 Shelby Super Baja

    Walking through the parking garage at the Domain and saw this beast. Didn’t know such a build existed. Anyone seen one of these before? Even had a GEN2 Raptor hood.
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    Back window shattered, trust Safelite?

    I used safelite here in Killeen Texas after the slider was broken in to. No issues or leaks and they said they only use OEM parts, also not allowed to just replaced the sliding window. Only complaint was a little bit of that sealer/caulk kind of bludged a little bit on one part but it’s cosmetic...
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    FOX 3.0 question, 500lb/in springs

    Even the team out at the Raptor Assualt Course recommends replacing springs with Deavers as the first suspension upgrade.