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Sep 20, 2014
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    1. Grayghost
      Do you still have the ARE topper?
    2. MN DOOM
      MN DOOM
      hey there. kinda new to forums in General as well as being a new member here. So apologies if I’m out of line even asking or if I’m approaching this wrong but id like to propose buying your rear shocks. And in exchange id give you mine as part of the deal. I’m only attempting this for a selfish issue that only another raptor owner could understand lol. I recently purchased my Raptor this past winter (MN) and its very clean for living most of its life in the northern salt ridden states. but The previous owner neglected for some reason the rear shocks which as you know are pretty visible. They have some corrosion and pitting that drives me nuts…to sum it up, if your open to it or your mind changes, let me know and id gladly work out a deal where you received funds as well as my set.
    3. kappy107
      are you willing to sell lowers and spindles separate from rest of kit?
    4. LowCountryRaptor
      I have an extra Corsa Extreme new in the box. It doesn't have tips tho. Selling for $750.

      I currently run the Corsa Extreme on my '13. I love it.
    5. jdruzik
      Welcome to the site... Enjoy the ride...
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