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    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    Time to call doc tony! Jk , make sure you are feeling ok. Check into your uninsured motorists coverage. Don't sweat your truck , it'll probably be totaled.
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    Display Options in 4 Low

    Have you tried hill descent instead of 4lo? Does the gen 3 still have hill descent?
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    GEN 2 Newbie with 2019 Super Cab 800a upgrade questions

    I've done the powerfold, get the perimeter plus and overhead console with sensors for motion alarm. They did at one time put the plug in for the rear window . has more people that does that kind of stuff . Google greygoose custom, he has some stuff that will help and he makes...
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Yes i have, thanks for the response hopefully we can get it fixed. It's funny that about accessport says that it's tuned but the rest of selections acts like it's not tuned.
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Has anyone tried to change ecu tunes today? I updated my accessport now unable to change the ecu . Try changing before putting e85 in. You may be in for a surprise.
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    Probably should have researched more before buying a 2019 Raptor

    It doesn't get airborne but it does stand up the tires.
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    Anyone with the Borla S-type Exhaust + Borla Resonator?

    Ghost cam tunes require a stick shift transmission
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    Perplexing Battery Issue

    Damn! Be sure to go by the liquor store on the way home.
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    Recaro seat cover replacement

    Check ebay for take offs, they used to be around 400 for the whole set
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    GEN 2 Disable GPS

    Keep the gps, disconnect the modem? Wouldn't disabling the way the truck communicates be better? Sorry i dunno my 18 never had one.
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    New Member Atlanta, GA

    Ga traverse trail was fun can't wait to go back.
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    Who received their 37 and disliked the blue interior?

    It's going to be hard to get ppl to talk bad about there brand new truck. Especially after they paid almost 80k for it.
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    Cam Phaser Rattle back 20 miles after being fixed by CAPITAL FORD CARSON CITY NEVADA

    I wonder at what date did they change the heads to 4 bolt mega caps?
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    Engine knock under load ?

    That sucks, let us know what kind of deals you get on a long block.