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    Panel removal

    Pull the top of the panel away from the dash. It folds down from there and exposes screws.
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    Anyone with Blendmount and ****** Max 360?

    Mine is set up the same way and it works. I have a gen2 thou. Sometimes I'll need to unplug it briefly when i lose gps. Doesn’t happen often
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    Retrax RealTruck Group Buy!

    Could you send me a quote for the pro xr?
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    RPG billet aluminum shackles

    Pm sent
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    gen2 cluster speedometer

    It's been awhile since I've been on forscan. I do believe I seen a option to add mileage for a cluster swap. Other options might need to be adjusted as well.
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    How will you pay for R?

    I'm selling plastic straws to people in California for a huge markup!
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Do you have directions or are you just speculating?
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    Is there a way to retrieve your stock tune once it has been overwritten?
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    SSI Performance?

    Go with goose, ssi tunes have blown a few motors. You can't beat @GooseTuned customer service.
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    Programming Rugged M1 Radio

    151.820 per website
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    Programming Rugged M1 Radio

    151.880 or 130.120? Its been awhile idk for sure. I'm sure they would tell ya if you contact them. Down to earth kinda ppl
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    Front Bumper Touch Up Paint

    Raptor matte grey ? i have a fender flare painted in j7 and is noticeable lighter.
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    New member Jacksonville,Fl

    It's a dump now but it was the first place in jax to get chi fil a.