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    Ford Ranger Raptor will start at $52,500 MSRP

    My guess the non first edition without all the crap will be 45-50. The new colorado zr2 looks better anyways
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    Rusell and smith ford Houston Tx

    I'm confused they are handing out 2023 vins but haven't finished hanging out 22s?
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    I’m bacccck

    How did you like the ZR2
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    MY22 was just moved to MY23

    Are they done with 2022 scheduling? Seems like today was for all of october
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    22 raptor canceled. Out of luck?

    My guess is most of the 800a packages are gonna get rolled over so they get an extra 4-5k on each reorder
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    Fewer 2023 Allocations?

    I think every dealer advertises that
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    Stolen Raptors - What Happens if It's Yours?

    They are storing all over the place right now... Makeshift lots
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    Are 2022 orders still being scheduled for production?

    Is there only a couple more weeks of scheduling? 21s went into early December correct?
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    Ford to layoff 8000

    Think that's limited production.... You don't just open the flood gates. even with new generations of vehicles they slowly build and get kinks out before ramping up to full production
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    Ford to layoff 8000

    How did other EVs do in the camper test?
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    I got one!

    Supposedly has to do with their priority codes