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    8-Hrs Later!-Raptor VS Cat’s Claw, Bushes & Cedar Trees!!

    These trucks are not mountain trail friendly!!! My buddy and I went up old stage here in colorado. Everything is great until you get on those narrow trails which nature in turn gives you custom pinstripping. I ended up getting stuck in a rock garden and cause significant damage to my exhaust. Be...
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    Ford Bronco Raptor vs. RAPTOR

    I'm hoping it's more rock crawling oriented than baja running. I got my raptor for my baja needs but I'm hoping the new bronco will be badass in rockcrawling in areas like moab. A true jeep competitor
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    JLT Oil Seperator

    I swear people who praise catch cans have never ridden a scooter or cart with a 2 stroke engine. Man those were good times
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    JLT Oil Seperator

    Heres my 2 cents on catch cans: waste of money. Yes it works as described as it does remove most oil (not all) in the recirculating tube or crankcase evap. Now what does this do to the engine? Absolutely nothing. These engines are completely fine burning a bit of oil in the intake. If I'm not...
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    Kinda of a Dream come true

    Nice! Welcome to the forums, we definitely wanna see more pics
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    Front license plate bracket

    Mine was completely missing. Got my truck from canada so it came with the engine block heater. Definitely useful here in colorado. I had mine installed since we require a front plate here. The oem style bracket is actually pretty nice, remove plate while offroading for extra air flow. Havent had...
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    Front license plate bracket

    Not sure about the new gen but the 2nd gens are riveted on (oem quick insert) carefully drill out the rivets and the whole bracket comes off clean.
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    Opinions on taking your Gen 2 to instant valvoline oil change

    I trust no one with my oil changes. It's so easy to do on modern vehicles so I do them myself on all 3 vehicles. Too many horror stories about shops forgetting to fill oil or replacing with poor or used oil. To save myself the stress and possible headache, I do it myself. Also highly recommend...
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    Aftermarket alarm?

    So I just had a visitor stop by last friday and I didnt like having unexpected visitors. My question to you guys, do you know any aftermarket alarm with suspension position sensors or something that works in similar fashion? Bottom line, I want the alarm to go off if someone tries to jump in the...
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    Which model is the better off-roader?

    Running 37s is a very costly aftermarket option that I just dont see the justification in. The parts and replacement fenders really steer me away. I agree with most on here. 35s will definitely be faster unless you throw in a set of higher final drive gears. This truck is plenty capable for what...
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    Anyone worried about the gearing of the 37s?

    With the 10 speed auto and a powerful engine, itll be fine. The only real advantage now for a higher ratio is more torque at a dead stop, i.e. rock crawling. These trucks werent built for crawling on rocks like jeeps because of the lack of ground clearance and size of the vehicle. But with 37s...
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    Colorado trail conditions

    I went down old stage a took a couple of offroad trails there. It was super fun but watch out for all the jeep owners here. Trails here are narrow but nothing the raptor cant fit through, at least all the trails I went on. Just watch your ground clearance and you should be fine. These raptors...
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    Legality of installing off-road fog lights onto road vehicle

    It is LEGAL to own and install offroad lights to any vehicle. It's only ILLEGAL when you use them on road. This is just fords legal way of covering their butts
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    Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

    Ran them on my old lifted f150 (non raptor). Tires are pretty darn near bulletproof and handle offroad very well. Road noise is quiet too so an all around great tire. The postal service even uses these tires (obviously without kevlar) cause they handle heavy loads, go off road, and last a decent...
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    Hard to say but I'd put a pretty sizable bet it was a knob otherwise one would tap into the switches overhead. Couple comments here are pretty good but radar detector, sound boost, or engine management control would be all my guesses.