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Dispatch, from California

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Apr 7, 2020
    1. 1ntheoc
      How are you!!?? got a truck?
    2. Glassman
      Lane have you talked with Gordon he has insight with dealing with the insurance company's. It sounded like he had to fight a little before settling with them. He might have some good info as to what to and what not to say.
    3. Bigg50
      4. Mid perch - It's really easy to bottom out the front end on bottom (stock) perch when offroading at speed. Not a big deal but you will have a dented in skit plate pretty quickly on bottom perch.

      5. Bump stop kit - You may already know, but the Raptor has a crumple zone right where the factory bumpstop is located. If you're to hit to hard you can bend the frame in that spot. I'd at least get the SDHQ frame reinforcement kit which is only a $100. But the kits by Outlaw, Icon, or RPG are your best bet.

      From there, there's tons of other stuff you can add depending on how crazy you want to get.

      I've included a couple must mods
    4. Bigg50
      1. Radio - Your best bet is a mounted unit. Most of us run Icom which is a solid unit. Outlaw offroad sells a nice packaged one. You might be able to find it for cheaper but they preprogram it for you as well which is nice. ICOM F5021 VHF Mobile Radio Chase Pack

      2. 2nd spare tire. It's easy to loose a tire on these runs so a 2nd spare is really important. I have an extra wheel if you're interested. Let it go for $50

      3. GPS - If you've have a tablet with cellular it should work fine. Even a smart phone will work. I can go into more detail on how to use it. Ideally you want a lowrance GPS though.
    5. Bigg50
      Yup, live in Vallejo.

      We have a pretty good crew who like to go out and I get the feeling you do as well. We'll be doing a run in SoCal in February, run out of Carson City in March/May, and probably a snow run in January. We're working on few other things as well.

      In case you'd like to join us, I've made a list of mods which would be good to have. Their listed in order of importance.
    6. Bigg50
      Sorry, for the late reply. Missed your response.

      No modification needed at all. If anything hit keeps you from needing to modify your fenders if you go to some aftermarket wheels.

      I've had Anyone's offroad in Fairfield work on my truck. They've been great and they have very reasonable prices.
    7. Bigg50
      As you will find, mid perch is probably the best setting. It will handle great and handle the abuse. The spacer kits are not ideal if you plan on using the truck offroad. They allow the suspension to droop to much. They also don't preload the springs. This is bad because it's very easy to bottom out the front end when you catch any kind of air or a g-out.

      It sounds like you plan on taking it offroad so in my humble opinion, I'd recommend doing mid perch. You should be able to have it done for $250-$300 by a shop. It will hold up better than a spacer kit.

      Here's a quick vid of myself and ihavegas catching air. Both trucks are on mid perch and have at least 1000 offroad miles on them with no problems.
      Ford Raptor - 2 Raptors jumping in the woods - YouTube
    8. Bigg50
      Welcome to the forum. I noticed you're planning on doing a spacer kit. Not sure if you're aware but the fox shocks are adjustable. There are 3 settings, low (stock), mid, and top. I'd recommend doing some research into this. There's plenty of info in the suspension section if you do a search.

      Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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    Ford SVT Raptor:
    2013 Raptor SuperCrew
    Oxford White
    Raptor Factory Options:
    • Luxury Package
    • SONY Navigation System
    • Backup Camera
    • Power Moonroof
    • Trailer Brake Controller
    • Stowable Bed Extender
    • Tailgate Step
    Raptor Modifications:
    Icom Race Radio, Lowrance Elite GPS, Tuffy Box, Tinted Allaround windows, Tuner, Volant a CAI, Outlaw rear bumpstop kit, Second setting, VisionX Cannons, Vinyl black matte wrapped hood/grill
    Pending Modifications:
    Bumper Front and Rear, Bed rack system, New tires and rims,
    In love with my big guy: 2013 SVT Raptor
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