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    Gas Tank Reserve

    For your information: the fuel also cools the pump. If you regularly run your tank low your pump life will be greatly reduced. Cost to replace a pump?? (Only happens when your tank is full.....)
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    Ford Ranger Raptor will start at $52,500 MSRP

    It what you call to bring a generator when your battery dies.
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    GEN 1 Tire cupping

    Get the alignment..... If there's more, they'll find it then.
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    I'd hope so... If you weren't I'd be really worried about you..
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    Over??? You get over women. That's like saying you're over J Lo. Never seen her, never had her, but you're over her....
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    Oh the stupid!!

    A few years back I was loading some lumber into my truck at the local yard and guy asked me "is this the new Ranger that's just coming out?" Another time a guy was STANDING IN FRONT OF MY TRUCK and asked me "who made it!!!"
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    Oh the stupid!!

    Filling my truck with gas and a guy walks over. "NICE truck"!!! Too bad they don't put V8's in them. You probably should have waited, I hear they're bringing one out soon....... (2012, gen 1)
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    Truck won't start

    Can it come out the front if the radiator is removed?
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    sad news regarding corona raptor

    Very sorry to hear this. Always enjoyed his comments and at times his help. Prayers to his family and friends!
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    Premium Fuel

    Non alcohol premium is running about $00.75\gal higher here.
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    Pinstripes. Is it still a thing?

    It adds some personality to your truck. I wouldn't go crazy personally, but it makes your truck stand out from the herd just a little. One single stripe on my wife's FX4 made it stand out from the other 4 million dark grey F150s...
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    4-Sale…Beautiful Cabin and Gen-1 in Excellent Condition

    Looks like more than just a cabin! A working farm! Where's the 8N Ford? In the barn...... Where's the barn?
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    Towing road trip

    And then it rained....
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    Towing road trip

    Noticed something: when pulling steep grades, it would eventually drop to 4th gear. When it hit 3000 rpm it got super smooth and quiet! Must be a perfect balance \ power point in this engine!