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    SOLD: Four used Baja Designs LP6 Lights

    So glad you got them safely. Meant to follow up but lost your number. Thanks for confirming! Enjoy them!
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    SOLD: Four used Baja Designs LP6 Lights

    I have 2 clear and 2 Amber LP6 Baja Designs lights for sale in great shape. Come with brackets and hardware but I do not have the harnesses for these. Asking $1250 shipped. Located in Nashville of y’all wanna pick them up. Please email [email protected] or call/text 530-906-5451. I’m...
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    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    Will let you know if I keep anything on it guys. Unlikely, but I’ll ping you if I do.
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    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    Will add that I may be willing to travel a bit for folks out of state that might be interested. I do have the truck financed through USBank, full transparency. We can walk into the bank together and make sure all it good from title perspective.
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    2019 Built Raptor 31K miles

    2019 Raptor with many quality upgrades. Meticulously maintained. Tires only have few thousand miles on them. Once it stops raining I’ll get a few more pics of body all cleaned up. Build list in pics. One small ding on tailgate in last pic. No other scratches for blemishes. I may come down in...
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    Ford Recall and Roush SC

    @Gman , I went through this with my Roush 2013. What the dealership told me was I had to remove my PCM so they could send to Roush. I told them never mind and replaced lead frame myself and never looked back. Tranny ran like a top after that. Sold the truck with 120K and never an issue.
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    Question on Gen1 Touch Screen Synch

    I’d recommend doing a Sync3 upgrade. When I had my Gen1 I did whole thing for <$700. You can get a plug and play setup for cheap nowadays on Amazon even: 2021 SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade Kit, Fits for Ford Lincoln SYNC3.4 MyFord Touch (MFT) Support Carplay/Customize UI/Wallpaper, Including GEN IV...
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    A few more Desert Gems in need of New Home

    Couple things: 1. what roof rack is this? Like to get it for the Rap. 2. Looks like the Saturn has a small leak in the front pass tire. Prolly shouldn’t drive it until that gets fixed
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    Back in a Raptor!

    Glad you went this direction. Congratulations on a beautiful truck!
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    Headers and plugs

    I went with a Corsa sport muffler and had a custom lightning side exit done. Drone was very minimal. Really liked that setup.
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    Towing with Supercharged 2014 Icon Stage 4?

    Those are the ones @michiganave . I also installed the AFCO heat exchanger with fans: