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  • Hey Guys, I'm local and looking for a set of factory cats to pass inspection. Would you have a set of take offs at the shop? I'm down the street over by the spectrum.
    I work for a Ford dealer and own a raptor myself going to be installing RPG 1.5 collars on my truck. What kind of things do you offer for the dealer to sell the RPG brand?
    Hey I just picked up your Raceline bumper and love the new look. Now that I lost my front tow hooks I was wondering if the bumper is strong enough to be used as a substitute for tow hooks? Would a tow strap do any damage if I were to pull something or be pulled by the bumper?
    So you guys have the rpg logo decals that go on the raceline bumper? Or what size do you guys use?

    Sent this to your sales email a few days ago with no response. Figured you were busy but just looking to get an answer.


    My name is Evan and I have a 2013 Ford Raptor and am looking to put a UMP intake system in it and all I have been able to find or FRF is info that maybe you guys had a system. I just don’t see it on the website. I am looking for details in how long it would take (since I'm currently stationed in San Diego, but am originally from North Phoenix), how much it would run, and what the work entailed? Also, if you thought I would need a tune after adding the UMP with only other mod being a MBRP catback turndown? Thanks for your time in answering my questions.


    FRF: EvanScott29
    I'd like to get my SCREW to mid-perch setting. I'm local, in OC. Do I need to make an appointment or ? Thanks
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