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    Now waiting for my MY2022.

    Now waiting for my MY2022.
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    Grapevine Ford ~ TX wants $35k ADM LMFAOOOOOO

    Well in all fairness, they figured if you would do 10k over, there would be someone to walk in right behind you that will do the 35k. The more people accept these ridiculous ADM’S the more these dealerships will slap that sticker on. Now when the consumer market can finally work as a collective...
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    10/11 Squad

    Jumping the gun…. Thread. It’s where the idea of a convoy and March classes were posted.
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    Rapid Red or Agate Black - What is your favorite?

    Oh this is simple. Get the truck that you’ll love looking at everyday.
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    What Color are you ordering ? Poll

    Hey bud. Can you drop me the info on those two locations. Seeing how we are neighbors, I’d be looking for a place too in the same area. Thanks in advance!
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    Unscheduled Squad

    Great. Let your wallet and self respect dictate the market!
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    Unscheduled Squad

    I was looking on their website seeing all the trucks they had to sale. And was confused as to why they would be putting a markup when they have so many.
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    9/13 Squad

    How can it be “Mandatory” on a ordered truck? If it’s something that wasn’t on the lot before you asked for it. It’s not mandatory. I’m getting tired of these dealers trying to push products on people that they don’t want or are unnecessary. My dealer tried that same speech and I told him it’s...
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    Unscheduled Squad

    @WestcampTX would the truck you ordered happen to be listed on their website? If so which one?
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    Unscheduled Squad

    So what is their response to your signed order? I’m no lawyer, but isn’t that a binding agreement for an order at said price that was placed under your name. I think they are testing your intelligence, don’t let them try to scare you off your deal. Just because someone told the dealer that if...
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    Order Placed

    Same here. They originally had one built the way I wanted, except it had the decals and I could do without them. But they told me it was sold the min it was posted. And I haven't seen that listing ever again. That was in the beginning of Aug.
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    Did you order 35s or 37s?

    My bad I didn't see that. Thanks for pointing me in that direction
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    Order Placed

    Dealer in Doylestown, Pa still has two more. Its where I ordered mines 37inc package for MSRP.
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    Unscheduled Squad

    Yeah I'm afraid to reach out to FP, getting those three words sure can put a frown on my face. So I won't even open that box today.