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    NY Giants coach drives a GEN 3.

    Further-for a 56 y/o white guy (the current media favorite classification), y'all want to tell me what in the wide world of sports that "music" is?
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    Can Ford excessive prevent ADMs?

    By any chance do you mean - "Can Ford prevent excessive ADMs?"
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    Graphics... You children…
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    I suspect you know that I’m able to perform an internet search. That said, the last thing a 55 y/o Redneck from Texas is going to do is search the “urban dictionary”. You've made my point... I’ll just stay in the old world.
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    Will I find this in Webster’s, or is this more of an ”urban dictionary” type thing?
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    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    I have a separate, but related question for the OP. I’m 55, a stubborn redneck-who’s entire social media existence consists of the small amount that I am on forums like this that are tied to interests of mine. What does “over“ the Raptor R mean? I don’t LOL, snap face, insta chat, etc., so...
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    Graphics/Decals or not?

    Not on a boat, not with a goat, not on a plane, not on a train…
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    R stolen from Dearborn lot

    You need to steer clear of politics here, Hoss.
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    Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat Raptor R?

    I'm partial to Ruby Red Metallic from about 4 years ago. It most closely matches Alabama crimson, which is important to some of us... RDT.
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    Raptor R Orders

    Oh, but that is impossible?! 6 allocations!? (Facetiousness) I plan to ride some folks like Seabiscuit on this topic (refer to the earlier section of the thread). I'll wait though.
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    I heard there are some small changes to the interior...

    The PPF comment about the black trim is spot on. I had mine done on my 2020 F250 Limited when new, and they remain flawless. I will repeat this coverage on my RaptoR.
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    Raptor R Daily

    Mack Haik in Houston
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    Raptor R Daily

    My dealer had 8 allocations: I got #8. Daily driver.
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    Daily driven Raptor any worries for R?

    I'll be daily driving mine. I'm not worried.