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    ADD Stealth Fighter front bumper installed

    Were there any grille shutters that needed to be removed like the Gen 2? Did you have to relocate the adaptive cruise control module?
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    [GEN 3] Rappy Graphics Grille and Tailgate Letters [GEN 3]

    It’s a sample pic guys. They are new unused, just changed my mind on them. Buy them here because you can’t buy them anywhere else at the moment. Gen 3 only
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    [GEN 3] Rappy Graphics Grille and Tailgate Letters [GEN 3]

    Going a different direction on my Gen 3 truck. Selling white outline, matte black center FORD letters for front grille and tailgate letters. These are the non-reflective style. 250 shipped GEN 3 Only
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    Thinking of changing color on my order from OW to CO

    Gen2 and Gen 3 Oxford owner here——while I haven’t seen a CO in person yet either—-I do work with a guy who just got an orange TRX and damn that thing is in your face orange. I couldn’t pull it off myself, not for a daily driver. Either way, come resale time both are great choices. There‘s...
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    I knew that looked custom, great work. I'm gonna get one myself
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    @RamseyF what did you think of the Rok Block XL fitment? One guy said it was too big for his 2021 F150.
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    Gen 3 trade in value

    The F! They offered me 65k yesterday and I'm almost fully loaded haahahah. Weird how all that works.
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    Gen 3 trade in value

    Sold my Gen 2 to GMTV and it was incredibly easy. They offered 85.5 for my Gen 3 that was 75.5 MSRP. Not worth the hassle for that and trying to find a replacement vehicle
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    Can you lock the truck while using power on board?

    Yes, you can do exactly that with the key code panel. I believe top and bottom numbers will lock the door. Now if your truck gets broken that's a different story
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    Mud Flaps

    RokBlokz are legit. Installed the XL version on my 35” truck with zero offset Method 305 NV and the coverage is great. No rub at full lock
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Method 305NV Double Black