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    GEN2 Fox Factory Race Series 3.0 Live Shocks - Now in stock!

    i have the sdi e-clik with stock live valves i love it.
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    Alarm Triggered at 3:22am

    I off-road my truck a lot. I get hood open alarms at random times. Dirt get in the switch area and needs to be blown clean after each run or i get these alarms.... neighbors are getting used to it. But still get calls if I don't get on it quick. I love my neighbors, we watch out for each other.
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    gpx file are you willing to share your file you can email it to me at [email protected]

    gpx file are you willing to share your file you can email it to me at [email protected]
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    broken coil

    Spring "tapers" down in diameter for the perch. It broke at the taper and the coils above the taper are larger then the perch.
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    Nevada Desert Trip

    I am sure that was fun, BigRig and I have done Minden to Las Vegas twice, 2021 and 2022. Not that exact route, but overlaps in areas.
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    Live Valve in normal mode?

    That is part of the reason I chose to install the ECLIK system on my live valve gen 2. It separates the transmission modes from the shock modes. i like tow mode for some terrains.
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    I’m Gonna Take My Raptor Down the Old Town Road and I’m Gonna Drive Till I can’t No More….

    WOW, Thanks John, brings back memories of my trip through there. Are you taking the ridge road back.
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    TPS with Beadlocks

    Are they the correct TPS, there are at least two types.
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    Need Help - Issue after Bumper Swap

    Marine grade shrink tube also has glue to prevent moisture intrusion.
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    Check those cabin filters

    My shortest time frame was 1 DAY of use before needing to be replaced. If it dusty buy a case and change it. Mine get dirtier than the air filter.
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    Day trip to the Mojave Lava tubes

    That's a usual stop when doing the Mojave Road. Very interesting spot along the road. Take a couple of days if you can. The road is only about 175 miles.
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    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    The light bar is going to hurt MPG, but check you air pressure. I get much better mileage with 38-40 psi but I like the ride of 32F 34R and my eClik set full soft.
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    Can't find a replacement front sway bar!

    You can't always go the generic pictures. That looks to be the SVT sway bar number.
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    Can't Find Aux Switch Wires

    On a GEN 2 they are under the bundles that have plug into the firewall. They are taped up