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    GEN 2 ICON UCA and Fox live shocks

    true the icon uca uniball is greaseable the inboard heims are not i believe the uniball is still going to wear with off roading and need replacing
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    EXO La Paz spot available oct 7 to 14

    Oct 7 to 14 all full contact me for my spot peter 6048801054
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    GEN 2 ICON UCA and Fox live shocks

    sphericals don’t last long in british columbia, less than a year and mine wear out off roading once a week or less, and an alignment is advisable every time too
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    Pismo Beach August 2022

    you sure about that? I think a load c all terrain is better you want soft sidewalls and tread that floats not digs in (I have mt’s)
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    Pismo Beach August 2022

    my flag is off a hitch insert it’s a bit low something from the bed is better if you don’t have a tonneau in the way. i’ve been there probably 10 times alone never got stuck and i tend to do some dumb things, however it is dangerous with steep bluffs etc many times i get out to look over an edge...
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    Pismo Beach August 2022

    pismo is great much smaller now but still lots of dunes
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    Actually Pulling Someone Out of Sand

    tree saver and shorty straps are very handy not sure if anyone mentioned them
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    RPG rear cantilever

    No to the rear coil over this is the cheapest way to get 4” more droop it’s definitely worth it
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    Some Bed Support Goodness

    beautiful but expensive close match to the wheels?
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    Camburg Gen 2/3 Flapper LCA and Flapper Arm....Discuss

    so you get 1or2” increased travel…. requires fenders so a real mid travel makes more sense, the slapper bump may conflict with all the fancy valving in those fox shocks, i’d go for a bypass shock and forget the bump
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    Question on 4A vs. 2H

    it’s personal choice but if possible I‘m in 2h always, off road included. something the dealer told me is the 4wd system free wheels always unless the hubs are locked
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    Minor bump steer at freeway speeds

    no you’re on to something different, stock leaf springs are not good, off road the side stepping is almost scary, deaver leaves mostly fix it the OP is, I believe, dealing with bump steer from raising the front ride height which changes the steering rod angles so that a bump requires steering...
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    Steering rack going bad ? Loud pops when turning steering wheel

    ford truck steering racks are notorious for failing, my 2019 raptor with similar mileage has been replaced twice, mine had play on centre with a clunk as you moved the wheel back and forth, price seems a bit high, I’d have to look for my receipt
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    Looking for King bypass 3.5 16s or 18s 5 valve or Fox in stock for sale

    I think what he’s saying is that traction bars and longer shackles will fight each other without traction bars +2 shackles droop more my experience is that +2 shackles did not lower the static height 1” ,it was less maybe 1/2” non hd +4 deavers may not give you the ride height you want with 16”...
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    King 3s (rear) for sale Gen2