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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T?

    Correct, heavy compared to factory but same weight as the Mickey's. If I was swapping load range C for load range C I'd probably be inclined to go with Toyo AT3's. Deeper tread, 6lbs lighter than BFG and they typically balance really well. Not sure how they wear but 50k tread warranty
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    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T?

    Falkens can require some finesse when balancing but they're no worse than Mickey's in my experience. I'd definitely road force balance them though. Between Mickey and Falken I'd go Falken. They're the same weight and the Falkens wear really well. Not to mention Falken has 19.7/32's of tread...
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    This is true. I agree as someone that's been there as an exhibitor and buyer. For being closed to the "public" there is a lot of "public" that ends up with badges. You can usually point them out when they're asking about remote starts for a 2008 Camry in the wheel hall lol. In all fairness...
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    Best Winter Tires for Gen2?

    Surprised this is the first mention. Falken AT3W is a solid tire with the 3 Peak Snowflake rating. Full tread depth sipes, almost 20/32's tread depth (deepest for an AT, BFG is only 15/32's) and they wear really well. But you do get a weight penalty at 73lbs and they don't balance as nicely as...
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    STEEDA Raptor

    Used to be a fan of Steeda Mustang products. And Whipple is very good with blowers but it seems the EB tune/packages were/are very lackluster compared to others on the market. I'd chalk this one up to a fail.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    @FmaxTurboSi Rough journey indeed lol. I'm happy you finally got matching wheels that are damage free. Those look good! I like how concave they are.
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    Post pictures 37 inch tire

    Customer of ours running 1.5" collars. 17x8.5 +00
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    @MQZ OEM non beadlocks are approximately 32lbs
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    -10 offset wheel pics

    If you can find the Sentinel's grab em. They're are a "no eta" backorder at the moment.
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    -10 offset wheel pics

    +00 that's why the -10 will be 10mm further out. Could be the angle though. Here is another +00 with 37's
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    More HP Gen3

    Depends on the year and mileage. Might be able to flip it lol Acura but still
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    -10 offset wheel pics

    Depends on the width. Given it's a -10 I'm assuming Sentinel's? Which are 8.5" wide. It won't look bad depending on what stance you're looking for. They'll definitely poke but not absurdly. Just 10mm/1cm/.39" further out than these.
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Hostile Crandon 17x9 with bolt on rings
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    SVC UCAs with OEM beadlock

    Depends on how much poke you want and whether or not you want to trim the tips off the OEM studs. I think 1" clears the SVC UCA with OEM or 12.50 tires though. You might be able to get away with 1.25" spacers and no trimming OEM studs. BORA will know that info though though.