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    Shelby F 150

    Get rid of those stripes and it would look way better.
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    Out of Round METHOD Wheels.

    They scratched all four rims when installing snow tires. No hassle at all, they gave me a choice of new stock or aftermarket wheels. I screwed up and got stock wheels. But, they were great to work with. They have gotten all my business since.
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    Let the problems begin (22' GEN3)

    I thought the sensor was in the mirror.
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    Anyone Know This Truck?

    And some lady comes and asks, is this a Tesla Truck
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    I have turned it on and off a few times. Mine is not bad, just was really bad when a slight load was in the back.
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    Deflation Pressures for Desert Driving (Sand)

    Get a brighter flash light.
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    Anyone Know This Truck?

    Looks like the toy Raptor I bought for the grand son at Walmart
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    I took the weight out today and mine is back to acceptable. I did find one of my tailgate end clamps for the tonneau cover had fell off. Maybe what I felt was it bouncing around. Not sure why a few hundred pounds would make it shake. I told the lady I was buying new wheels and tires for 5k to...
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    I use Discount Tire, they have balanced on and checked with multiple machines. We even broke down the tire/wheel so we could rotate the tire on the wheel. Their original theory was the tires sat for a year and the oils tend to fall, but rotating the tire on the rim should have showed that and...
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    I don’t use that, but will check it.
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    Dsp input /output voltage

    Glad you guys know what your talking about. Very interesting read.
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    Steering Wheel Vibration?

    I have balanced the wheels three times. Thought we had it until today when I put about 350lbs in the back. It shook at all speeds. Getting worried a bit, I left it outside in the cold with all that weight tonight. Teach it lesson.
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    Nurses Die in Horrible 4x4 Accident

    My backyard, if your wheels don’t fit in the two track, be very careful or turn around.