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    Hello all. Just saying hi.

    Wow thats a Beauty
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    Having Trouble Deciding Between Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    I respect your knowledge but come on man. Don't be such a Hater. Its a Great Solid REALIABLE TRUCK. As for as Power well one can make anything go faster or quicker and I and many others have no complaints about it. The power delivery is excellent and predictable. If I wanna win drag races, I'll...
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    Rapid Red Raptor pictures

    Me Too. Love the rarity. My 2 favorite colors on these trucks is that RR and the Molten. Wish I had the money so I could have one of each
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    Rapid Red Raptor pictures

    I LOVE that color and my Molten Orange tri coat.
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    $7.50 gallon gas

    We have enough oil to cover us for the next 400 yrs and thats not counting what hasn't been explored yet. Thats just in our own Country. But this administration wants to buy elsewhere
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    Exhaust in baja mode while street driving

    Just so ya know. Baja mode does more than just change exhaust sound. Saw a earlier thread about the differences. You may want to read your Manual. From what I saw on here you probably don't want to drive on the street in Baja mode
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    Rebuild Gen 2 with V8 Conversion & 5-Link or Gen 3 for $25k-$30k over MSRP.........

    @Donovan There are alot of You tube videos of SC Gen1s. They run pretty good and have MORE than enough power Output. I haven't seen 700 HP numbers but like I've mentioned before. 700 in a big heavy truck is kinda crazy. Be a handful to handle. You can mod up anything and get crazy HP. And then...
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    Rebuild Gen 2 with V8 Conversion & 5-Link or Gen 3 for $25k-$30k over MSRP.........

    Just my 2 dumb cents but why not just rebuild the original engine? Instead of a V8 swap. The engine swap would be more than just engine. Wouldn't you also have change the computer and Harness? My old school high mileage Gen1 will have the original engine rebuilt during the winter and get...
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    Replacement rocker panels

    Not that I have ever heard but those need replaced before you do anything. Mine just have some blistering and I'm getting them replaced cause the next thing is the inner rockers and those are big bucks to change
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    Supercharged Cat Delete

    It has worked for me and many many other people. Especially people that drag race there modern muscle cars. Thats how I learned about it. Had to do it to a old Subaru I use to own and never had a problem with it
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    Should I buy a Rust Belt Raptor?

    All depends on how its maintained. Mine is a 2011 gen1. Very minimal rust. And whats there is going to be fixed. I constantly do undercarriage wash and it goes into a warm garage every day
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    Supercharged Cat Delete

    Its easy to fix that. Just buy spark plug defauler for the O2 sensor behind the cat, drill it to fit sensor. What it does is pull that sensor out of the exhaust so it senses no change. Very simple to do
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    Why 700hp instead of 705hp?

    Just my 2 cents. It's still going to handle like a TRUCK. Good luck keeping that on the road. Lol. Average person can't even handle high HP cars
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    New to the Raptor world

    AWSOME low mileage Beast, lucky find. How come it doesn't have the 6.2L badging on it? Thought if ya got the 6.2L option in 2010 it had the badging