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    Finally got my raptor

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    WTB Deaver +2 Gen 2

    I want to buy a pair of Gen 2 Deaver +2 Leaf Springs. I am in Virginia and willing to travel a little for pickup. Thanks in advance.
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    Check-In from Richmond, Virginia

    Thanks guys, I hope I can keep myself out of mod jail for a little while. Like I mentioned in the intro, I already pushed my luck with the wife on a truck swap after 3 months. If I go quiet for a while… send help.
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    Check-In from Richmond, Virginia

    Hello all, I am a newly converted Raptor owner of about two weeks now. I originally went the "safe" route and purchased a 2021 Tundra TRD Pro, but found myself looking at modifications, wheels, supercharger, etc. to make it less boring and more like a Raptor. Against all of the claims of...