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    R on Lot in Texas

    A dealer about 2 hours from me has an R on the lot.

    $150 2015-2020 Bed Extender + $10 in hardware from Home Depot = $795 Ford 2011-2023 Bed Extender

    I went about it the po man's way. I kept the bed extender from my 2014 Tremor, installed it in my 2017 Raptor, kept it again and installed it in my 2020 Raptor.

    Anyone running Cooper AT3 XLTs?

    I like the Falken AT3W a lot. I run them on my 94 Bronco and they are great in snow and rain. I would have got them for the Raptor but Load Range E was the only option.

    Anyone running Cooper AT3 XLTs?

    Load Range E (10 ply) won't ride as soft as the stock Load Range C tires. Lowering air pressure a little can make them ride a little better. But they still won't ride as soft as Load Range C's. Unfortunately there aren't many Load Range C 315/70/17 to choose from.

    Looking for a Raptor R…

    There's a dealer here in Maine that has one on their website that is in transit. Unfotunately I can't afford an R so I haven't called to ask about it. But in the past they've had trucks on their website in transit that are already sold...

    No more shiny scratched window pillars…

    I used to do that too, but within a week they were all scratchy again.

    No more shiny scratched window pillars…

    Sorry I haven't been on here for a few days. They are Icon Vector 6.

    She's here...37...and the color is...

    I don't care for the completely clean look, looks too bare to me. If I could just salvage the RAPTOR portion of the decal I'd probably peel them and have some decals made that just say RAPTOR. But you know what they say about opinions.

    Raptor R Vs TRX Motortrend 1/13/23

    I'd be pissed if I couldn't hear the whine.
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    Wiper Blades

    These are the ones I got from Rock Auto.
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    Wiper Blades

    I just replaced mine yesterday with Motorcrafts from Rock Auto. The originals were still pretty good for 3 year old blades that's why I went with Motorcraft again.
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    F-that you might as well buy an XLT.
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    With the price of TRx, why are folks paying ADM for raptors?

    TRXs aren't selling for MSRP or below around here. I'd have to travel half way across the country to get one for that price.
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    Deletes, Heated mirrors and heated steering wheel

    My 2017 went 107 but the older KO2s had an S speed rating, 112mph. The newer KO2s have a T speed rating, 118mph.