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    GEN 1 Fox Shocks Rebuild

    They should know that Raptors have an image to uphold and have to look good from top to bottom!
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    GEN 1 Fox Shocks Rebuild

    The best scenario would be buying a new set and then have your old shocks shock's rebuilt by Fox. That way you can rotate them out when time for a rebuild comes around, buy that's the most expensive route. Second scenario would be sending your old shocks to Fox to rebuild knowing what you will...
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    Hello all. Just saying hi.

    Welcome and really a super nice truck!
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    Do you see a deal breaker here?

    Not enough information here to really give you a good opinion. Where is the truck from? Really need to check the cab corners for rust and the rockers. What does the body look like and the interior (pictures)? You will have some expenses with the shocks and surely other unknowns.
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    Step Aside JohnM

    How are your kidneys after bouncing around on such a horrific offroad experience? Did your truck hold up? Maybe time to rebuild those shocks!
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    I have to say that really looks good, nice job!
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    Hog’s Breath Canyon…Really Hard to Believe the Incredible Beauty!

    I've been to Hog's Breath bar up in Minnesota but never Hog's Breath Canyon!
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Yeah, if they made a remake of The Beverly Hillbilly's today, they would have to pick a different state and change the theme song because Californy isn't the place you ought to be. So, load up that Raptor and move away from Californy, that is. No water for swimmin pools, fires burning out movie...
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    Newbie from Centerville TX new to site not new to Raptors. Nice to meet yall

    Very nice truck! Can't go wrong with a Gen 1.
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    New to Raptor Forum

    Welcome and good-looking truck!
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    What do you use to prevent light theft?

    I cringe at the thought of cutting the grill, any pictures for us?
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Reg here is $3.29 (Costco).
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Can't say no to ice cream! :pepper:
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    Scuff or light scratch on Fender

    Forget about It! No one but you will notice it, if you take the time and try to fix it could turn out worse. If you do fix it soon after you will find more if you drive your Raptor like a Raptor.
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    Another mod

    Can I have some of that stuff you are smoking?

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