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    Did I just get worked over on my extended warranty?

    My dealer wanted something like $14K for his original warranty plan. I didn't get it! Went to Flood, got a 125k Mi plan 2200 Sorry man....
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    Raptor Vs GMC AT4X

    No but I did want to get a Yukon AT4, those look great when I first saw them. BUT, the big butt, is that I've never seen one ever!! I was on a list to order one 18 mos ago and never got called... too bad, I got my 2019 Raptor fully set up now, haha. Their loss.
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    Extended warranty

    Flood Ford is good, that’s what I chose too. 2019 screw loaded at 32k mi cost about 2100$. 7yr 125k mi. Full coverage including glass etc... Good luck
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    If I plug in my IPhone after I start my truck, my screen will freeze where it was and not respond until I stop and turn off ignition and wait for the screen turns off. So I MUST plug in my phone before I start it, then the screen will not freeze but work as intended via phone. I need to take...
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    Convince Me...

    I was going to order a Yukon AT4, but got tired of waiting for them. It'll be nice when they open up production someday....for an SUV.... I had an F-150 2011 Ecoboost XLT 112K mi... Went looking at new Raptors, of the VERY few I found locally in So. CA, and jumped on a used 2019 802a, 24K mi...
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    Race Red Late Afternoon Detail

    So question, is Ceramic coating worth it? My friend's detailer wants 13-1600 for the 2 day process? in So Cal Seems like a alot, after reading the entire process, I'm sure alot is labor, BUT.... Advice??
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    A-Hole with nose ring wrecked my rear bumper

    Go to a Dr. for sure..check for back and neck pain ...get an injury lawyer...pick the shop for a full repair with OEM parts....have the lawyer get the most he/she can, may take a while though....then get it fixed w/o using your insurance?? to avoiding carfax, etc.....glad ur not hurt...
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    My Carmax offer 9-25-20

    So Cal, 2019 802a, loaded w everything...26K mi...paid $68...white...
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    High voltage? System shut down while driving

    I had something weird happen for the 3rd time yesterday. When I pulled out from my house, the touchscreen was frozen on Audio, but no wouldn't react to touching the screen to try and change what it was stuck on. So no music...I did have my Iphone plugged in..I had to stop turn off the...
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    Glamor-Shots of my 2019 Race Red SCREW

    What is meant by a "Screw"?
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    GEN 1 Gen1 rollover on the beach.

    I rolled a Chevy LUV when I was a young adult. It was in 4WD and It kinda climbed a short hill with the front tires and flipped over. My brother and I climbed out the window and a Jeep showed up to right us... Cost a bundle to repair... Be safe out there...
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    GEN 2 Lighting Recommendations

    I had some lights installed. triple white fog lights from GG lighting... and a nice curved light bar sits behind the grill from Rough...
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    Let There Be Light

    The locking storage box was aftermarket from It attaches to the seat bracket solidly, has 2 top doors and can accommodate rifles, as it's continuous from the edges of the 2 rear seats...