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    Clicking noises when truck is off

    If it is a new clicking sound and continues well after the truck has turned off, it could be the PCM may need reprograming. My 2020 did that and killed my battery, the PCM was opening and closing the turbo waste gate every few seconds. Reprogramming the PCM fixed it and Ford installed a new battery.
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    Allocation Opportunity…?

    Send the dealer this message, Frank Union Charles king Ocean Frank Frank
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    How much taxes and fees do you pay annually in SC or NC state?

    I live just outside Mrytle Beach, SC. I paid $581.48 on my 2020 Raptor last year, this year it will go down a little. Tax/tag renewal comes on the anniversary of when you registered it in state and you will have to pay the one time sales tax for SC which is $500.
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    Drive Raptor in LA as daily commute car

    Dude, I think you would get more pleasure in nailing your ****** to a tree stump and setting it on fire.
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    Will Raptor R be limited?

    My dealer, Tidelands Ford Lincoln, in Pawleys Is., SC doesn't do adm on any vehicles. Bought my 2020 from them in July at $1500 under msrp. They had 3 in stock one of which was a Shelby Raptor ($120,000) by the way, so I went with the poor mans version.
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    New member from Myrtle Beach, SC

    Got my 2020 802a Magnetic,fully loaded except Riccaros, July 2020. Been lurking here ever since, just got a chance to join and post my avitar to prove it really isn't a Prius.

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