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    Dust Devil Jamboree Pics

    Met some of the key players or TORR a few years ago when they were in OBX, NC, great group of guys and they know how to use their Raptors! I'm still too afraid to to do that to my beach princess Raptor
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    AUX Switches Labels

    I used this link on amazon that I got from on the forum. The link does not seem to work but I am very happy with the labels if you want to research Jay Graphics. As an FYI these labels apply to each specific switch itself versus in front of the switch 2017 & Up Upfitter Switch...
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    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    I knew that but let it lie as it was not a TRX, Tundra, or best tire shine question. Thanks to all!
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    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    Thanks, but actually had that part down pat! The Ford OEM seem to thread on easier than the Mobil 1 so I guess I will just stick with Motrorcraft moving forward. I have 5 vehicles and just does not seem that it should be so hard on the Raptor every time versus the rest of the family fleet...
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    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    Guys, I do not consider myself an idiot though others may disagree. Changing the oil on my 19 SCREW, Fomato valve so not problem draining oil. However it seems it takes forever to get the new oil filter to seat and get it threaded. Obviously I have not discovered the trick over the last 9 oil...
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    Back seat gets no AC. Normal?

    From what I have discovered on my 19 SCREW is that I have to take it out of Auto and select the upper vents and then the rear gets plenty of air based on my fan speed selection, the dog is now much happier!
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    2018 Raptor rear end squeaking

    Also a follow up question, once we have lifted the truck, power washed and dried the leafs I saw that W-40 and such is a no go but how about the new drying silicone sprays that are supposed to dry, dry and not attract dirt and sand. My off road use is mainly looking good on the beaches of OBX...
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    Driving on the beach? Yes/No

    Do it! I own up there and am back and forth all winter but rent it out in the summer. In the summer I run 22psi and will only drive about 5 - 10 miles on the road (speed limits are 45 or less) if needed, in the winter I run 28psi and will run 20 miles on pavement without airing back up if...
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    Pics of your A-Pillar mounted lights.

    I am running XL 80s in spots with SDHQ mounts from Offroad Alliance, amazing light. No glare to speak of. I frequently use the amber coveras as I have plenty of white light with the S8 AND 2 pairs of Squadron Pros. Here is running down the beach at nightt with a 300 to 400 yds of vision!
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    GEN 2 Keeping Our 2 Crew.

    Keeping my '19, it is just a few months from being paid off and still loving it with 40K miles on it! Mine is an OBX beach princess with a few mountain hunting trails every fall so is otherwise treated like a baby. I would like to test drive a Gen 3 but know I would love it and don't trust...
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    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    Thanks all, to answer a few earlier questions - The J.T. Brooks Pro deflators have numbers for the settings which while not exact once learned you can accurately set them and of course then verify. They also seem to stay locked in better due to their design. On the issue of airing back up and...
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    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    Not a worry, it will be driven daily on the beach
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    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    As a follow up I did look at the JT Brooks tire deflator Pro set and they are nice, really like being able to set them based on a number versus trial and error - just ordered a set. Thanks
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    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    Thanks for the reply's, I second the deflator recommendations and use the coyote deflators which I set to 26psi and will just use the guage to take the tires down to 20psi as 26psi is my offseason preferred psi. For the day I have to leave the island I will air back up and then back down again...
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    GEN 2 Looking for opinions on airing down for the beach

    Have a 2019 with stock tires and beadlock capable wheels. Heading back to OBX where my house is 6 1/2 miles up the beach, offroad, normally in the offseason I air down to 26psi as the beach is not that torn up, the speed limit is generally 35 mph on the beach and I frequently am on and off the...