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    Raptor R realistic fuel economy expectations

    The same exact people who would continually point out that the regular raptor gets better mpg than the trx Ohhh how the turntables have… (insert micheal Scott)
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    Build scheduled Sept 5! Got the email finally!

    I finally got a build date after my initial order of June 2021. I forgot about it up until I just got the email. We have since ordered and taken delivery of a trx. We won’t be taking delivery of the raptor so will give the dealer info to whoever wants it. It’s a white 37 with the blue interior...
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    give me the vin getting another one!

    With our new truck slated to arrive in the next 10 days i shot over my info to them, they gave me a more than fair offer. We have absolutely loved the truck, thanks to all on the forum for the vast knowledge!
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    Ford order confirmation email

    I guess reading comprehension is lost at this point lol. Please go back to previous post in this thread where FP looked up the code for “over allocation/no allocation” .
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    2021 leadfoot grey, loaded except 37pp, order available 10k adm

    I loved it when sales guys would attempt to justify markup, I worked at a dealer before and selling a truck of this value at sticker will net them a pretty penny, Hell an A/Z plan 50K XLT would net me 500-600 ish. around where i worked the norm was 25% of profit. so dude would be making 2,500 in...
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    Ford order confirmation email

    You must of missed the part where he looked up the error code for no allocation….
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    Ford order confirmation email

    I guess the guy at Ford performance just decided to make up the whole thing then….. why pretend to look up what the code was and give examples of seeing it in the past….
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    Ford order confirmation email

    The point was if you are showing unscheduled clean there is an allocation. Commodity restriction or chip shortage doesn’t change if there was an allocation. If the dealer put 30 orders in and only had 2, 28 people would show an error code when they called in. I was one of the people who got...
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    Ford order confirmation email

    Take this for what its worth. Ford performance has confirmed and even went through the trouble of finding the error code it would be in the system (cant remember it off the top of my head). If you are "unscheduled Clean" there is an allocation. If there was no allocation it would have whatever...
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    Raptor R price guessing game

    95,000-103,000 MSRP My guess it will be almost fully loaded with a few stand alone options thats the reason for my spread.
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    And henessey did a run with it making 50 lbft tq less. Happy dyno?
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    They are still actively doing them Granger,koons, and a few others are doing 9/10grand off sticker others are doing 4%under invoice I believe it was. Just look on the ramtrx forum. An entire thread dedicated to it.
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    We were in line for a gen3 and then dealers came out with there 9k off sticker on the trx. It made the truck cheaper than our gen 3. Was very hard to argue it at that point. For those pointing out quality issues and squeaks with the trx.. do we need to point to the blown engines and trans leaks...