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    What are you all using to clean the leather and fabric textured plastic stuff inside?

    Looks like we have similar tastes. I have some Adam's interior stuff I haven't used yet, but it hasn't been warm enough yet for me to try. We'll see how it goes
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    Sync 4 stereo makes random loud pop on startup

    Nice, this just happened to me again for a second time but I took a video of it and I already have an appointment with the dealer next Saturday. But you're right it scares the shit out of you, I couldn't get it to turn off without just walking away with the keys and letting the truck turn itself...
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    10/11 Squad

    Wow, I am sorry man. After all this waiting I can't imagine. Be glad it's not the worst that could have happened! Hit the deer and make some steaks next time
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    10/11 Squad

    Nice! that's awesome! Did they ever say why your truck went to the land of misfit toys?
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    10/11 Squad

    Nice! Love seeing all the new deliveries!
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    Mud Flaps for gen 3

    exactly, lol maybe they shouldn't drive so close behind me
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    Great American Outdoor Show

    Hey, do we have any Gen 3-ers coming out this Saturday to the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA this Saturday? I'll be there with some friends but wanted to see if I can do some Raptor spotting this weekend.
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    10/11 Squad

    PA Raptors unite!
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    10/11 Squad

    Yea serious shout out and thanks to everyone on here. It wouldn't have been the same journey without you all lol. Glad to see most of us on here are finally rolling around in the new whips, but I am still sending good vibes to a certain few who are still waiting or just out of state lol. Y'all...
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    10/11 Squad

    Just to confirm it's definitely not a Prius ;)
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    10/11 Squad

    hahaha I spent too much time driving I didn't even snap any good pictures
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    10/11 Squad

    LOL Yea so you ended up being right that I was too busy driving! Got her around 11am Saturday morning and did nothing but drive around to friends all day, then ended up just spending most of Sunday back in the truck lol. Everyone who said it's worth the wait was completely right. I didn't even...
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    Anyone else’s window sticker price just change?

    They should be updating the invoice before you take delivery
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    Recall Wait Times

    So I almost did this. Part # I believe is W702554-S900. But my truck showed up last weekend, they didn't put the order in for the recall until Monday 01/31 and I just got the call today it's finished and ready for pick up. Otherwise I shopped online and I could order the part myself and have it...