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    HELP - installing aftermarket big screen unit Don't forget it is a Baja off-road truck. not sure the design concept was to build a beautiful screen for sitting and watching movies/shows The new Cadillac's have great screens! ;)
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    HELP - installing aftermarket big screen unit

    just buy the magic box and use your stock screen it will allow you to use your phone or wifi to stream Netflix, YouTube, ESPN. $300 I believe
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    how to remove rear c pillar

    it is easy. the Sounds Good Stereo video will show you. The seat belt has to be taken apart. small plastic clip hides the bolt. I think it was 12mm. then you can just pop the panel out. there is a small little twist "T" shaped safety cable at the top of the panel to keep it in place when the...
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    Wireless Charging in Armrest

    raptor-charging-console stumbled on to this and thought I would share... looks like a cool option for those looking to have wireless charging in an easily accessed spot.
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    Anyone know how to STREAM VIDEO from PHONE TO GEN 2 Raptor? This could be a good option for you depending on your budget and phone
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    Two Raptors, Full Stereo Upgrades, One Hour Long, Complete Behind the Scenes on the builds

    I have a 2-way Active K2 system from SGS on order and I can't wait to install it! Been waiting most of my life for a vehicle and system like this.
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    New product alert!

    I'm excited to hear about this. I'm getting ready to do a stereo project this spring.
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    Hey Siri - Start my truck

    Here is the link for the updated fixes if anyone wants it. worked for me.
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    Hey Siri - Start my truck

    all the start/stop lock/unlock commands fail now on phone and watch for me.
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    Hey Siri - Start my truck

    yes, also having issues sending the commands from my watch
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    Rear park aid stays on after soaking rain

    happens to mine all the time. living in Oregon the rain doesn't stop in the winter so I just deal with it. I take a towel and wipe the sensors... seems to take care of things
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    Wireless CarPlay adapter anyone?

    I have the Carlink and it works great. I cannot tell any difference in sound with wired or wireless. I have no GPS lag issues at all. Occasionally it will have a connectivity issue but I just unplug and plug it back in, which always works. I did upgrade the carline when I first got it.
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    Yayyyy Method 317’s installed

    They look good! I was debating on the 317's but ended up going with the 312's
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    Aftermarket Wheels

    Got the new Method 312's put on!