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    GEN 2 SYNC radio very slow to respond to touch

    I have a 2018 had same issues. Dealer replaced the APIM module under extended warranty. Seems to be a known issue.
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    Bullet Liner

    I had Bullet liner on my 2015 Platinum and it held up very well in the three years i owned it without a bed cover.
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    Fits in the Garage ... Barely!

    It's very tight. My double door has a couple of horizontal braces that run the length of the door due to it being insulated and the weight. if it weren't for the lower one I'd probably have 5-6 inches. but with that its just a couple. I wrapped that braces with some adhesive felt material as...
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    Fits in the Garage ... Barely!

    Not pretty but gets the job done. Pool noodle hanging from a simple L bracket with a string running through the middle with a PVC fitting tied on the end. As I pull forward slowly i can see the noodle move when the front bumper touches.
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    New sticky please GEN2 owners pics

    I've been looking at the ICON Rebound wheels for my white Raptor. Are those the matte black?
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    Icon Alloys Now In Stock

    How much $ for a set of the matte bronze shipped to 73072?
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    Icon Alloys Now In Stock

    Very nice. I've been wanting to see some good pictures of matte bronze wheels on white as i'v been considering them for my with raptor. I also have no graphics so this gives me a good look. thanks for sharing.