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    Gen 2 Owners: Are you going to Gen 3, Gen 3-R or staying with your Gen 2??

    I have the 8 year extended warranty on mine, I figured I'll keep it until that is about to run out then replace it with whatever the latest Raptor is.
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    Gas prices

    I'm in the northwest area of Las Vegas and for some reason gas prices around me aren't dropping much at all. Just drove past a station this morning that was $2.69 for regular.
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    taking delivery of new '18 w/ pano roof - should I be concerned?

    I love the sunroof on my 18 and I haven't had any problems. I also got 70% 3M crystalline tint on it to keep the heat out but allow me to always keep the shade open. I live in Las Vegas and never had to close the shade, even during the summer.
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    2018 Raptors under sticker

    Paying MSRP for Truck on lot at dealer in Oklahoma. They were looking for 4k over originally. Picking it up on Saturday!
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    It's Official, 2018 Without The Applique Are Stamped

    This video gives a good look at the stamp in Magnetic. I didn't like it at first but I think it's growing on me.
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    Supercrew Dimensions

    From this thread The below numbers are for SuperCrew. 231.9" Long 78.5" High 86.3" Wide with mirrors folded
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    Black or Avalanch

    I love black but I am super lazy when it comes to washing. So I'm going with Avalanche if I can ever find one MSRP. Even my wife said NO to black because she knows how bad I am with keeping it clean.
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    GEN 2 Wall of Shame Greedy FORD Dealers. Call them out!

    Love this! Truck City Ford Buda, TX 10k over
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    2018 Chevy Reaper to Take on the Ford Raptor

    Really ugly but I like the name. I hope they fix it's looks and make it along with the TRX and Nissan Warrior. More competition is always good.
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    When work is too much fun - G2 Commute Video

    That looks like a lot of fun. Your job sucks :biggrin:
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    Teaser pic, new wheels.

    Damn thats going to look good!
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    GEN 2 Invoice pricing on loaded G2 video

    Good to know. Here's the breakdown.
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    Sitdown 2.0 Build

    Wow that looks awesome!