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    Any Input on the Nitto Recon Grappler?

    Wow impressive on the mileage on your K02s. I got right at 40k out of mine. Anyways, I had the Recons put on my ‘19 last week, have 50 miles on Them now. For those who are wondering, the tires are very quiet, very little noise when new, zero thrum. My K02s were increasing in perceptible...
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    Any Input on the Nitto Recon Grappler?

    I am gonna take the plunge and try the Nitto Recons. There the floatation/ metric sizes and LT sizes available. Not exactly sure I can get the metric size - sent email directly to Nitto who list them on there website but have “0” in stock. Appears they were made, if they do exist, as a direct...
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    2018 or 2019?

    Nice Truck, have the same year and package. Noticed carbon fiber steering wheel. If I may. Where did you get it and do you like the quality?
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    new guy here

    Wow!!! A la “The Incedibles” that is totally wicked! Gotta be got the best looking Gen 1 I have ever seen. Fantastic red metallic paint. What did you use for wax or ceramic top coat treatment? Send more pics! And welcome to FRF.
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    Gen 3 Raptor Owner Breaks Back During Jump - Which one of you was it?

    Corona Raptor did it. He’s deflecting to suppress suspicions;)
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    Engine Bay Cleaning For Pollen / Dust

    Compressed air and leaf blower to drive off most of it. For extra clean I use a a hand pump foamer and a mix of degreaser Purple power, diluted with water a nd a long handle soft bristle brush with 3” bristles will not scratch and reaches into the nooks and crannies. Foamer used minimal...
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    Ford engineers have sick sense of humor. Oil change

    Same issue with messy oil drain. Agree with others, Fumoto quick release drain plug is the way to go. it’s high quality, won’t spring loose and they give you a locking tab for added insurance. I have used spring actuated drain plugs for decades. Never had one accidentally leak. You know...
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    Finally! New owner of a 2019 Performance Blue!

    It’s gotta be blue baby!!!!! Gen 2 in blue is the mostest, badass-est, truck on the road. Yea, I could not resist .
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    Finally got dirty! Who else 1st timers finally got some dirt? Show dem pics!

    Some pics from lap #1. Completed 6-7 laps. Track is 9mi long at TEXPLEX.
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    Finally got dirty! Who else 1st timers finally got some dirt? Show dem pics!

    54 secs on bull named Fo Mo Go. 4x4 Bliss!!! Yes I got dirty today and airborne!! . Trying to figure out how to post a video.
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    I sprung a leak! (plus rattle)

    My Raptor had a similar rattle in the 1200 to 2000 rpm range especially at low speeds either accelerating or decelerating. I fond the issue and secure it and no more rattle. There are two lines not exactly sure what they are, my instincts tell me they are brake lines. Certainly made of...
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    I’ve got Goosebumps!! The world and America is struggling all around us but as always American grit will prevail and bring us to happier times. Speaking of which, just completed my stage 2 tunes with Winfield at Goosetune! Winfield is well of information, has strong work ethic he sent me my...
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    Shudder / vibration while stopped in drive?

    Has anyone tried increasing rpm’s at idle by 100-150 to see if this is enough to overcome the shudder when under load? Trying to connect the dots. If the shudder is due to AC load as others have suggested, would the extra rpm’s resolve or just make it worse? I have been working with...