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    Bay Area Newbie Checking In

    Welcome! I'm in San Jose too. I've been in Hollister a couple times, and did some basic training with Esprit de Four and TheDrivingCompany. But yeah, it is usually crowded, and much more fun with dirt bikes. Also looking forward to recommendations for off-roading, but I'm a complete noob.
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    Vicious Raptor Hounds On The Trail - Post your Pictures

    This is Lyra on the Raptor... Making sure all will fit: Checking the gas prices: Hmm, how did you said these seats work? Maybe I should drive instead... Ok fine, you can drive for now, let's roll:
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    New member NorCal

    Thank you John!!! Will do
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    New member NorCal

    Hi all, I got a "new to me" 2020 model last november, and I'm loving it so far. I've been reading your forums since then, but I haven't done much off-roading yet to be honest. I'm looking forward to learn more about Raptors, find places where I could do some beginner off-roading, and see about...